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Cropped artwork featuring Atriox and his Chainbreaker.
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Gravity mace[1]

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"You fail him one more time trying to prove yourself and I will not be able to save you. And it will be both our skulls beneath his mace."
Pavium to Voridus.[3]

Chainbreaker[4] is a gravity mace[1] and the signature melee weapon of Atriox,[2] a Jiralhanae warlord and the chief of the Banished. Atriox created the energy mace from parts of a Type-2 gravity hammer.[5] When activated, the weapon produces three red, blade-like protrusions, and like the gravity hammer, can forcibly attract individuals.[2] The weapon acts as Atriox's symbolic scepter, also serving as the inspiration for his organization's emblem, the Mark of Atriox, when viewed from above.[6][7]

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Chainbreaker is available for purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace as an avatar prop.[8]


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