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Artwork of Chainbreaker.
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"You fail him one more time trying to prove yourself and I will not be able to save you. And it will be both our skulls beneath his mace."
Pavium to Voridus.[3]

Chainbreaker is a gravity mace and the signature melee weapon of Atriox, a Jiralhanae warlord and the chief of the Banished.[1][2][4][5]


Design details[edit]

An image of Chainbreaker as a splash screen.
The top of Chainbreaker - forming the Mark of Atriox.

Chainbreaker shares its design with various other models of gravity mace, though differs in one primary way - rather than simply containing the gravitic impellers which enable its function (similarly to gravity hammers), Chainbreaker was forged by Atriox following his rebellion during the Algolis Invasion. At the behest of the Covenant, the Sangheili executioner Itho 'Hesiikee was tasked with eliminating Atriox - though was ultimately killed in the ensuing battle. Following this, Atriox took 'Hesiikee's energy sword as a trophy and reforged its components, integrating them into the gravity mace's core architecture.[2]

As such, the mace additionally sports three red energy blades protruding at 120o angles - when viewed from above. These blades are positioned as such to evoke the imagery of Doisac and its three moons - Soirapt, Warial, and Teash.[2] This imagery also serves as the basis of the Mark of Atriox - the emblem of the Banished - and as a symbolic scepter of Atriox himself.[6][7][8] The blades are aided in their combat effectiveness by the aforementioned gravity field manipulation cores, which allow the weapon to cause gravitic disruptions when it hits targets - or be used to forcibly pull objects and individuals toward the weapon.[2][9][10]

Production notes[edit]

The Mark of Atriox, the seal of the Banished as a whole, was based on the impact that Chainbreaker would make to players in Halo Wars 2. The mace's design was based on branding and royal seals.[6] Early concept art for the weapon suggested the consideration that Atriox may have hand-crafted the whole weapon from old gravity hammer components, though this has yet to be followed up in full canon.[11]

Chainbreaker is available for purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace as an avatar prop.[12]


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