Itho 'Hesiikee

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Itho 'Hesiikee
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Before March 28, 2549[1][Note 1][2]

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Killed by Atriox using 'Hesiikee's own Bloodblade[3][4]

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Itho 'Hesiikee was a Sangheili in service to the Covenant who led Jiralhanae forces during the siege of Algolis.[3][5] He would ultimately be tasked with executing Atriox, a renegade Jiralhanae warrior under his command.[3][5][4]


Early life and Covenant service[edit]

Itho 'Hesiikee enlisted in the Covenant military as was customary for all male Sangheili, eventually rising through the ranks to hold a leadership position over a predominantly Jiralhanae force during the Human-Covenant War.[3] By early 2549,[2] 'Hesiikee and his forces participated in the invasion of Algolis.[3]

Around this time, a particular Jiralhanae warrior under 'Hesiikee's command by the name of Atriox had begun to make a name for himself, being sent to the front lines alongside thirty-nine of his brothers.[3] He alone would return each time, slowly instilling in him a hatred of the Covenant and inspiring other Jiralhanae around him.[3][4]

Banishing Atriox[edit]

Following Atriox's return from another suicide mission, 'Hesiikee expressed his concerns to the High Prophet of Truth about Atriox becoming an unpredictable threat, given his continued survival and rising influence among his peers. Hoping that he could still be of some use to the Covenant, Truth asked the Sangheili to find out if Atriox was still loyal and faithful. After learning that Atriox was becoming aggressively resentful of the 'Hesiikee's orders and the Covenant as a whole, Truth tasked the Itho to dispose of Atriox without turning him into a martyr. 'Hesiikee then arranged for a loyal Jiralhanae pawn to tail Atriox in order to capture him in an act of open dissidence. During an assault on a UNSC fortification, 'Hesiikee observed Atriox closely from an eye's surveillance. The loyal Jiralhanae soon confronted Atriox when he made a blasphemous remark. In the ensuing confrontation, both Jiralhanae warriors attacked each other, and their fight ended when Atriox murdered the fellow soldier.[3] Upon Atriox's return, Itho met and encircled him with a group of other Sangheili. Realizing what was intended, Atriox surrendered his gravity hammer and dropped to his knees.[3][4] 'Hesiikee pronounced him a heretic for his blasphemous words and the slaying of his brother-in-arms, sentencing Atriox to death for his betrayal.[3] As the Itho thrust his Bloodblade toward Atriox, the Jiralhanae caught the blade with his right hand and then killed 'Hesiikee with his own weapon. Other Jiralhanae then followed Atriox's example and attacked the remaining Sangheili.[3][4]

Itho 'Hesiikee's failed "banishment" of Atriox led the Jirahanae warrior to form the Banished.[5] Atriox would also notably keep 'Hesiikee's Bloodblade and reforge some of its components to create Chainbreaker, the custom gravity mace that would inspire the Banished's emblem.[6]


Itho 'Hesiikee wore a unique silver combat harness and helmet with horn-like protrusion's curving forward and down. During his attempted banishment of Atriox, 'Hesiikee wielded a Bloodblade.[3][4]


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