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The Yappening (Halo: The Master Chief Collection)

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This article is about the event in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. For the eponymous event in other games, see The Yappening.
The Yappening
MCC Yapyap splash.png

Start date:

April 3, 2019

Includes content for:

Halo: The Master Chief Collection


The Yappening, also known as The Yappening: Two Yaps This Time, was an April Fools event held on Halo: The Master Chief Collection, starting from April 3, 2019. The Yappening update accompanied a series of regular title update changes for Master Chief Collection, detailed in the same blog post.[1]


A Halo Waypoint blog post was posted by Yapyap, detailing how the Grunt had remembered the event a year ago, and decided to repeat it. His troops brought him several items (themselves tongue-in-cheek references to existing lore) such as Janus Keys, slipspace flakes, a "Fragment of Divinity" and pistachios, with Yapyap failing to get them to yield any tangible result. Yapyap then destroyed the assembled artifacts with Anskum-pattern plasma grenades, resulting in a mysterious voice conferring Yapyap as the true protector of the Mantle, among other grand titles.

The event then sparked a similar series of events internally at 343 Industries, resulting in a dedicated Yappening splash screen, menu art, nameplates and playlist being created inside The Master Chief Collection 2v2 Halo 2 matchmaking. The Yappening playlist consisted of several unique gametypes:

  • Head-pop Party! - SWAT, albeit with the Grunt Birthday Party Skull activated.
  • Yappening Wargames - Fiesta Slayer, with the additional effect of randomly removing a random heads-up display element on respawn. Each round fired in a weapon fires two ammunition per shot.
  • Brute Shoot - Players have Brute Shots with bottomless magazine and physics from projectiles and explosives are magnified.
  • Methane Moshpit - King of the Hill with all players given high health and needlers with bottomless magazines, with the intention being to use supercombine explosions to push players out of the hill.
  • Yapyap's Ball Grab - Oddball with rocket launchers.
  • Beamish Bonanza - A "big team invisible low gravity SWAT vehicle fiesta mode" - players have no shields, active camouflage, a battle rifle, random secondary weapon and a randomized vehicle set.

The Yappening nameplates were unlocked as follows;

  • Yapyap THE DESTROYER - Complete seven social matches in the Yappening playlist.
  • Shut Your Yap - Headshot 250 Grunts on Heroic difficulty or higher in campaign or Spartan Ops.