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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Content Updates (2018-2019)

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Beginning in 2018, Halo: The Master Chief Collection was subject to a number of major content updates, the first of such since the initial wave of patches released in the 2014-2015 launch period for the game and aimed at fixing the game after the buggy original launch period. To see the original wave of updates and patch notes released in 2014-2015, see here.

Following the game's PC release and the addition of Halo: Reach in December 2019, a system of seasons were implemented to contain regular updates and bugfixes. As such, a list of seasons can be found here, and a list of title updates from 2019-onward can be found here.


These updates were announced as part of the "#FixMCC" project commonly requested by fans following the collection's notoriously buggy launch state, and subsequent silence. The fix was publicly announced in October of 2017 in an Xbox social stream, alongside the announcement of Master Chief Collection support for Xbox One X. The commencement of development of 4K UHD support for the collection was an opportunity for 343 Industries to delve into the game's core systems again and begin instituting a total rework of the game's backend systems and user interface to bring the game up to community standards.

In January 2018, a series of announcements were made about the FixMCC project; a legacy titles team was put together at 343 to oversee management of titles like MCC, and monthly updates began being produced as part of the team's commitment to transparency in communication. Additionally, the MCC Insider Program was launched to help provide regular feedback on the new updates and builds.

Patch notes[edit]

The initial FixMCC overhaul was released on August 27, 2018. While the patch notes are listed below, a comprehensive blog was also released detailing some of the changes made; this blog can be found here.[1]

August 27 patch notes

August 27 patch notes

This update includes numerous new additions, features, improvements and fixes. Here’s a breakdown of the noteworthy changes included in the 8/27 update:


  • Visual enhancements – up to 4K UHD w/ HDR on an Xbox One X with compatible TV
  • Intelligent Delivery – Customize game component and language installation
  • Offline LAN – Play MCC with minimal latency over a local network


  • All Matchmade games now run on dedicated servers
  • Updated network transport layer
  • Round-to-round Matchmaking
  • Improved party stability & host migration
  • Updated Ranked Matchmaking logic
  • “Join in progress” for Custom Games
  • Dedicated Server optimizations
  • LAN enabled


  • Title Screen / update to background video
  • Main Menu UI refresh / vertical design
  • Options refresh / layout update
  • Networking settings
  • Audio settings / main menu volume slider
  • Controller settings
  • Message of the Day (MOTD) update
  • HDR / SDR settings


  • Load time & texture streaming optimizations
  • Campaign playlist / save bug fixes


  • Fixed crashes when playing various Remix Playlists in Xbox Live co-op
  • Fixed issues with earning Achievements for completing levels in Playlists in Halo: CE & Halo 2
  • Fixed incorrect Mission being displayed as Next Mission in cross-game playlists
  • Competitive Score & Time now correctly reset when Restarting during Playlists
  • Split screen Co-op Framerate improvements throughout Halo 1 & 2
  • Fixed Kills appropriately populating on leaderboards in Campaign missions
  • Fixed time penalty issues when saving and quitting various missions
  • Fixed issues resuming missions from a suspended state
  • Fixed global stats not incrementing properly when completing missions in both singlepayer and co-op
  • Fixed improper scoring calculations and persistence in stat-history
  • Fixed multiple co-op related crashes across all Campaigns
  • Fixed issues displaying duplicate PGCRs when completing a Playlist with Scoring/Timing on
  • Matched lobbies can now continue playing together after their match ends
  • Players now begin another search instead of being returned to the Main Menu after games
  • Parties are now maintained after changing the Game Session Leader
  • Matchmaking Games no longer continue if entire team quits before a match starts
  • Fixed players being assigned to the wrong teams from roster changes before match starts.
  • Fixed win/loss conditions when an entire team quits in both Halo 3 & Halo 4
  • Improved Betrayal Booting messaging
  • Fixed multiple maps and conditions that caused performance issues for frames rendered
  • Fixed issues with players being unable to join each other
  • Fixed multiple soft locks when joining players in various states
  • Fixed host migration in lobbies and peer-to-peer games
  • Fixed crashes and instances where a soft lock can occur when accepting invites
  • Fixed host being placed in solo game after leaving session
  • Fixed Oddball issues after host quits game
  • Fixed scoring disparity issues when host migration occurs
  • Fixed games not ending appropriately if there is no opposing team on launch of match
  • Fixed PGCR so it now reports correctly for all gametypes
  • Fixed multiple medals not appearing in PGCR appropriately
  • Optimized Voice chat networking to have reduced requirements
  • Fixed various instances where Achievements wouldn’t appropriately unlock
  • Fixed crashes when game is suspended during various MP game scenarios
  • Fixed issues where guests and silver accounts were incorrectly named
  • Fixed soft lock when removing players from parties
  • Fixed silver accounts being able to/unable to matchmake with/without a gold profile signed in
  • Fixed issues where players were kicked out of matchmaking while others in roster continued
  • Fixed issues related to ranks altering after closing the title just after ranking up
  • Fixed issue where Xbox One X players would be removed from lobby at end of custom game
  • Revert gametype settings now functions more reliably across all games
  • Fixed several Custom Game stats to now correctly update for sessions where player was a client
  • Enabled Host Migration in Forge for all games
  • Fixed error where Temporary Gametype Files did not always list original author
  • All: Added Settings to Pause Menu in Films for all supported games
  • All: Fixed Dynamic Lighting not rendering in Films of Forge Maps
  • H3: Fixed issue with Forge objects missing when first loading into a Forge Session
  • H3: Adjusted object list window to better reflect Halo 3 assets
  • H3: Adjusted Damage Modifier text to match 360 descriptions
  • H4: Fixed Bumpers & Triggers not swapping correctly
  • Physics have been corrected for multiple Forge related items


  • Correct Player Emblem now displays on Scoreboards in-game
  • Improved Roster refresh & response time
  • Improved Host Migration support throughout supported games
  • Fixed issues with 0’s appearing for Time & Score in Leaderboards
  • Fixed various medals earned not displaying in the PGCR
  • Fixed issue where Guest Player’s 4 controller settings were not respected
  • Fixed various crashes when returning to gameplay after the Xbox is suspended
  • Voice Chat & Team Chat improvements & fixes
  • Improved Leaderboard response time
  • Reorganized Controller Settings Order to place most commonly changed at the top
  • Fixed Error Message telling players they do not have Xbox LIVE Gold during Xbox LIVE service outage conditions
  • Fixed error when a Gold Profile player with a Guest profile on the same console attempts to Join other players from an Invite.
  • Parties now merge more gracefully when another Party’s host accepts an Invite
  • Fixed multiple issues associated with resuming game from suspended state
  • Fixed many different situations that would result in crashes
  • Fixed players getting disconnected from squads in many different situations
  • Fixed various issues caused with multiple controllers connected during and after gameplay
  • Fixed incorrect and/or missing callout for Rosters
  • Fixed issues using ‘Save As’ to create new map variants in Forge not working in all scenarios
  • Fixed sorting of temporary Gametypes
  • Fixed improper hero image displaying in next mission for Campaign playlists
  • Fixed load time increases when local files storage is full
  • Fixed issues where players in parties would lose audio in various loading situations
  • Fixed multiple instances of debug text being present across the title
  • Fixed being returned to Main Menu after completing a Halo 1 Level in Cross-Game Playlists
  • Various Text & HUD fixes
  • Improved FOV for Split screen
  • Fixed rare mission progress loss when player selects Save & Quit during Halo 1 Playlists
  • Fixed various Halo 1 map weapon spawns not matching Xbox Retail
  • Improved Magnum shot registration issues in networked matches
  • Fixed bullet magnetism being incorrectly applied to teammates in Matchmaking
  • Fixed a Host/Client score discrepancy on PGCR for King of the Hill matches
  • Fixed enemy placement varying when restarting checkpoints
  • Fixed Score & Time UI disappearing if Captain Keyes dies in Truth & Reconciliation
  • Fixed double Halos appearing in Halo: CE Pillar of Autumn outro cinematic
  • Fixed weapon fire rates not matching H2 for original Xbox
  • Beating the Prophet of Regret to death with your fists now grants Campaign Scoring points
  • Fixed FOVs to match original Xbox setting for both single player and split screen
  • Returned original Xbox Connection & Host Migration screens for nostalgia
  • Fixed rare issue with matches starting before all players have joined
  • Fixed Steaktacular medal for H2C Matchmaking
  • Campaign no longer resumes in Legacy graphics if player is set to Remastered graphics
  • H2: Fixed invalid Team Color options appearing as selectable in various custom game modes
  • Enabled Host Migration for H2A Custom Games
  • Fixed Blood Thirsty! Achievement not unlocking when blasted in Matchmaking
  • Fixed issues with Kill Feed not updating for every kill
  • Fixed control mapping for Banshee tricks when using Universal Bump & Jump
  • Fixed Kill camera in Custom Games on large-budget Forge maps
  • Ninja Redux Achievement can now be earned during FFA games
  • Blast Resort gametype now respects player’s Rounds to Win settings in Custom Games
  • Fixed issue with incorrect HUD displaying for clients in Monitor Mode
  • Fixed object misalignment issue when snapping to coordinates
  • Fixed Pause Menu navigation controlling Films menus at the same time
  • Fixed players being taken to the Custom Game menu when exiting Forge sessions
  • Fixed numerous issues with Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign Co-op
  • Fixed Halo 3 default Gamma/Contrast settings
  • Improved lighting bloom to better reflect the Xbox 360 version’s presentation
  • Re-ordered Custom Gametypes so Slayer appears first
  • Guerilla Achievement unlock conditions improved
  • King of Crows Achievement unlock conditions improved
  • Who Needs Them? Achievement unlock conditions improved
  • Reduced time for post-credit cinematics to play after completing final mission
  • Fixed issues with Suicide Penalty not applying in certain gametypes
  • Fixed several option descriptions to match Xbox 360 text in custom games
  • Fixed incorrect button prompt on screen during final Didact quick time event
  • Weapon Skins can now be selected independently per loadout
  • Fixed bullet refunding issues when playing matches on dedicated servers
  • Adjusted default Gamma settings to better match original presentation
  • Fixed Tutorial prompts for Mantis melee button for various control layouts
  • Fixed grenade button prompt during final Didact encounter
  • Corrected Score values for various vehicles (Phantoms, Pelicans)
  • Fixed stereo playback for various language audio
  • Improved rubber banding during Broadsword sequence for co-op
  • Fixed rare respawn issue on Ravine
  • Various Achievement unlock condition improvements
  • SPOPS: Skulls now have names & descriptions displayed in menu
  • Theater Improvements


The team is aware of and actively working on/investigating the following issues for future MCC updates:

  • Campaign and playlist progress counters may read as 0s across the board on initial launch
  • Intelligent Delivery prioritization can be lost if console enters Connected Standby during install
  • Halo 4 Forge objects exposed to the global light source may appear incorrectly
  • Some career stats do not update until the title is relaunched
  • Corrupted installation can occur through Intelligent Delivery installation
  • Aim sensitivity feels faster in update compared to previous MCC retail
  • Players idling in match are not always automatically removed from the game
  • Elites are not dual wielding in various Campaign missions
  • Players with high ping times may be unable to find a game
  • Objects will pop-in during the Halo 4 Campaign
  • Players can go out-of-sync when moving from mission to mission in Halo 2 co-op Campaign when there is an original Xbox One hosting and an Xbox One X client
  • Players may need to reacquire previously collected ODST audio logs before receiving Achievements related to them

Please keep an eye on the MCC Trello Board for the latest list of Known Issues and feedback areas that are under investigation by the team. In some cases, like “Corrupted Installation”, we have additional details to help troubleshoot and work around the problem should you encounter this rare issue.

If you encounter a bug or issue, please let us know in the MCC forums here on Halo Waypoint.
September 20 patch

September 20 patch notes


This update includes numerous fixes across MCC with many big fixes aimed specifically at Halo: CE. Due to the scope of these changes, this patch will unfortunately invalidate mid-mission checkpoints for the Halo: CE Campaign. This means that after the update, you'll still have access to the missions you have currently unlocked but you'll lose your checkpoint save from mid-mission progress. We know this isn’t ideal but given the scope and impact of the bug fixes included in this patch, we felt it was an acceptable trade-off.[2]


  • Updated Matchmaking logic to help players in less populated regions find matches
  • Current Highest Rank on a Player Detail’s page no longer fails to load
  • Fixed an issue with Server list not refreshing properly when switching between LAN mode & Xbox Live
  • Idle players will no longer re-queue into Matchmaking
  • General stability improvements in various network scenarios
  • Improved chat behavior in lobbies between Matchmaking games
  • Fixed rival data population issue on Playlist Leaderboards
  • General Leaderboard improvements
  • Fixed several issues that prevented hosts from earning various Achievements when clients were correctly given progress
  • Fixed an issue where players who disconnected were awarded wins during matchmade games

Quit ban code has been added and will be monitored to determine how they are enabled soon

Halo: CE
  • Added the Blind Skull to allow screenshots to be taken without HUD elements as well as for players seeking higher scores with campaign scoring
  • Fixed issue with Rocket Launcher rounds firing slightly offset from reticle
  • Resolved Gamertag persistence over player with Active Camo
  • Improvements to targeted player enemy name HUD location
  • Improvements to networking code for shot registration
  • Improvements to AR registration resolving inability to shoot powerups and players
  • Improvements to Shotgun hit registration at close-range
  • Improvements to kill feed & respawn countdown timer
  • Adjusted text for Custom Game “Kill Penalty” option header to now read “No Kill Penalty”
Halo 2
  • Improved stability during split screen after players unexpectedly lose network connectivity
  • Improved behavior in scenarios where Xbox One X & other Xbox models are playing Live Co-op together
  • Fixed issue where Cortana appeared partially rendered during Great Journey in classic graphics
Halo 3
  • Fixed an issue where a dedicated server would not be allocated to host a matchmade game in certain networking scenarios
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when accessing terminals with the text language set to French
  • Fixed Golf Club reticle
  • Golf Ball now appears in its intended glistening white
  • Fixed insertion points for The Ark on playlist Tanks, Tanks, Tanks
Halo 4
  • Fixed a crash which could occur in Spartan Ops
  • Fixed a rare issue with HUD elements duplicating/overlapping during Lightning Flag gametypes
  • Improved texture LOD (level of detail) throughout Halo 4 Campaign
  • Fixed ordering of movement speed options in Custom Games
  • General fixes to Skull names & descriptions in SPOPs
  • Fixed an issue where the player is not brought to the PGCR after the last mission in a Playlist
  • Players who do not have ODST installed are now brought to the Game Install screen when they join a party intending to play ODST together
  • Fixed checkpoint issue when progressing to Data Hive on Street Smart playlist
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from immediately accessing ODST after switching Xbox profiles
H2A Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue that caused shadows to not render properly when playing in 4K
  • Fixed Assault Rifle ammo counter displaying incorrect number of rounds
  • Fixed inconsistent button mapping for Banshee Tricks on Universal Bump & Jump layout
  • Fixed issue with displaying Infection medals & kill feed in games with more than 12 players
Campaign General
  • ODST & Halo 3 level completion stats are no longer lumped together on the Playlists Main Menu
  • Fixed an issue where Campaign progress could appear blank after launching the title
  • Improved some inaccuracies with Playlist leaderboard entries
  • Improved accuracy of icons in campaign scoring PGCR
  • Pause Menu UI no longer disappears when viewing Skull & Difficulty details
Matchmaking General
  • Improved Profile Switching behavior in the Matchmaking Find Game flow
Custom Games General
  • Reverting gametype settings now individually reverts to the previously saved version’s configuration, rather than the default template
Forge & Films
  • Players who have not purchased ODST are now redirected appropriately when attempting to access ODST Films
  • Players can now save screenshots when the Xbox is not connected to Xbox Live
  • “Set For All Games” option no longer appears available when selecting non-universal control schemes
  • Impulse Triggers are now re-enabled after selecting Restore Default Settings
  • Subtitles options now appear under Audio Settings submenu for convenience
  • Fixed issue where Roster session Leader is unable to access Network Settings after all members have left the Squad
October 3 patch

October 3 patch notes

Today, October 3, we are rolling out a small update targeting a very specific set of crashes some players have been encountering. We would like to thank the community for bringing these issues to our attention. Because of your reports in our support forums, the team was able to quickly identify the root cause and apply a fix. The full patch notes and helpful resources covering where to stay informed, leave feedback, and report issues is below.[3]

Bug Fixes

  • Improved game stability, notably in Halo CE campaign, Playlists, and main menu.
Spartan Ops
  • A crash on Spartan Ops Mission 9 episode 1 has been resolved.
October 10 patch

On the agenda for today, October 10, we have a new patch going live that will be addressing some errors and fan requested changes to gametypes within some playlists. The gametype changes today are based on community feedback for Team Snipers, Halo 3 Team Hardcore Doubles playlist, and HCE: Team Arena. As well, we will be loosening our matchmaking rules for both parties and ranks to help improve the experience for players finding matches. Some of you may be asking, “Well why did we need an update for playlist changes?” This is required any time gametype settings changes are needed but the specific settings aren’t already created and a part of the game. To make the settings changes we are required to add the new files to the game’s matchmaking file settings selection system and the only way is through a game update. [4]

Playlist Updates

Team Snipers
  • H2A: Removed secondary starting weapon, grenades, and grenades from map.
  • H3: Sniper Hill Only: Removed secondary starting weapon, grenades, and grenades from map.
Halo 3 Team Hardcore Doubles
  • Adjusted all gametypes to have suicide and betrayal penalty off.
  • Removed Active Camo on pickup from Custom Power Up Traits on The Pit.
Team Arena
  • Team Slayer kill limit reduced from 100 to 50.

Matchmaking Rule Changes

  • Players at level 40 and above now can match players within the 30-50 range.
  • Loosening party matchmaking rules in ranked hoppers.
  • Max team sizes will only match max team sizes in Ranked 4vs4 games.
  • Example: Parties of 3 in 4v4 playlists can now match parties of 1, 2, and 3.
  • Team Doubles will now create matches based on any team size.

Ban Hammer Is LIVE

Since the September update, we have been tuning the rules behind the scenes for our auto-ban system to better address players who repeatedly quit out of matchmade games. Even though the automated version isn’t quite ready for prime time, the Ban Hammer definitely is. The team has recently issued our first wave of matchmaking suspensions to players who are actively and repeatedly quitting games.

If you are worried that this could impact you, we would suggest not quitting out of games. Repeatedly quitting out of matches really creates a poor experience for the rest of the players in the game. Don’t do it. If you don’t like the maps or modes being offered, spin up a custom game with the settings you enjoy (check out the “Looking for Group” feature in the Official Halo Club to find like-minded players!).
November 19 patch

November 19 patch notes

Bug fixes

  • Improved Player Idle warnings[5]
  • Local Files are now called “Private Files”; we’ll be sharing the reasons for this change in a future post
  • Made several improvements during scenarios where players have been involuntarily disconnected from their internet connection or Xbox LIVE
  • Multiple crash fixes across the board
  • Resolved some incorrect data and leaderboard discrepancies
  • Renaming Custom Game map variants now conveys the correct 23-character limit
  • Player names now fade away at a rate closer to Xbox CE
Halo 2
  • Fixed co-op disconnection issues during various scenarios
Halo 3
  • Fixed an incorrect Connection Lost error message when splitscreen co-op resumes from an Xbox suspend state
  • Fixed various issues with viewing Terminals in certain supported languages
Halo 4
  • Updated text & icons for 4K across both Campaign & PVP
  • Clients are now prompted to download ODST when Host chooses ODST during a session
  • Fixes to Sadie’s Story achievements when collecting audio logs across multiple playthroughs of Mombasa Streets
H2A Multiplayer
  • Fixed issue where shooting Blast! cans on H2A maps would not count toward Achievements
Campaign General
  • Fixed various small art decorators appearing as flat black objects in Halo 3 & ODST
  • Fixed issue where co-op players were disconnected after choosing Restart Mission
  • Score & Time results now correctly upload to Leaderboards if players are disconnected from the internet during their runs
  • Rival Score improvements on Campaign Playlist PGCRs
  • Improved co-op PGCR support for Playlists now includes Cumulative Score, Rivals & Top 5 Friends
Matchmaking General
  • Party/Team matching rules are now more consistently applied when backfilling
  • Fixed issues with rank threshold not being respected for matching in various backfilling scenarios
  • Team Doubles matching now backfills appropriately after a Squad Leader quits
  • Made refinements to conditions where players are warned for idling in Matchmaking
Custom Games General
  • Improved messaging for notifying new Game Session Leaders when a Squad Leader exits during countdown timer
  • Roster now better sorts accounts signed into the host/session leader’s console
  • Fixed various H2A environment decorators appearing as flat black objects in 4K
Forge & Films
  • Correct H2A Map variant names now appear in Film Summary
  • Players now receive a warning message when trying to save Forge map variants with blank Description fields
January 16 patch

January 16 patch


Here are the key bug fixes included in the January update:[6]

  • Cleansed the Flood infection from the main menu
  • Added error handling to prevent users from joining each other from different versions of the game
  • Fixed an issue where players could not enter gameplay using custom map or game variants in offline LAN
  • Fixed an issue where menu music volume slider changes were not respected while in a squad
  • Fixed some navigation inconsistencies in the main menu
  • Fixed an issue where the descriptions for some campaign killstreak medals were inaccurate in the medal chest
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in inconsistent hit detection against players with poor connections
  • Fixed an issue where the Bandana skull did not grant infinite ammo to energy weapons in Campaign
Halo 2
  • Fixed an issue where the Bandana skull did not grant infinite ammo to energy weapons in Campaign
Halo 3
  • Fixed an issue where the Shade Turret was not appropriately displayed as the tool of destruction in the post-game carnage report
  • Improved messaging around which playlists support co-op play
Forge & Films
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect file sizes were being displayed for films
  • Fixed an issue where the character limit for map variant names was displayed inaccurately in Halo 3
  • Fixed an issue where players were forced to re-enter a map variant name after inputting an invalid description


Below are a handful of known issues that the team is aware of with the January update. Each of these issues is on the radar so no need to sound the alarm when providing feedback. These issues were initially messaged back in early December, so hopefully players have had adequate notice and time to plan accordingly.

Campaign Checkpoint Loss - Halo
Combat Evolved & Halo 3

Due to work being done in the campaigns for both Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 3, the mid-mission checkpoints for both HCE and H3 will be invalidated upon the installation of the January update. Please complete them prior to installing the patch or you will lose the checkpoint progress.

Spartan Ops mission completion badges missing

The team has found a bug in this update that causes Spartan Ops mission completion badges to not appear if they were earned in a previous version of the game (prior to the current updated build) or after the title is relaunched after they have been earned. The stats are being tracked appropriately and badges are awarded, but it's just that they aren't visibly appearing at this time. We are looking into a fix for this but wanted to inform players as this bug will be is in the January update.

Career Stats

In this build certain career stats may appear temporarily blank or not populate without first navigating to another stats page.

Campaign Playlist Progression Achievements

We have been investigating Achievement related queries players have been discussing in the MCC support forums for a while and have found an issue that is present with this update. Currently the ODST, Halo 4, and Halo 2 Campaign Playlists will not grant Achievements correctly when the playlist is started in a previous build, a player takes a new update, and then completes the Campaign Playlist on the updated build. We are investigating solutions for this currently.

As a reminder, bookmark the MCC Support Page on Trello for the latest known issues and overall MCC development status.
February 13 patch

February 13 patch notes

Below is a complete list of the bug fixes that are included in today's update:[7]

Global Campaign

  • Fixed mission tracking issue so Campaign achievements will unlock much more reliably when resuming after a game update.
  • Fixed a bug where the timing was improperly calculated to properly award the achievement for completing an under three-hour Legendary playthrough for campaign.

Global Matchmaking

  • Added several new game variants with various fixes and improvements

Halo CE

  • BTB variants globally now have 15-minute time limits and include Halo PC weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the intended vehicle set was being doubled in BTB Slayer
  • BTB CTF no longer requires flag at home to score and disables instant touch return

Halo 2

  • Infinite Sudden Death has been disabled for One Flag and One Bomb variants


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