Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/Tread Carefully

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From the journal of Suta 'Noram, Sangheili Guard 6/4/2559

Commander Pavium has stationed me at his salvage operation to provide security in case the humans try to interfere. Through the Jiralhanae are usually ruled purely by instict and rage, Pavium appears to have a strong tactical mind. Though he would kill me for suggesting so, he would make a fine Sangheili.

I stand guard as the jabbering Unggoy blast through the wreckage to clear a route to the ruins of High Charity, so that once Pavium and Voridus have looted the area around High Charity of its weapons, we may transport them out quickly and avoid the brunt of the Sentinels wrath.

Perhaps it is the offensive musk of the Jiralhanae or the insistent chattering of the Unggoy, but I feel uneasy. There is something wrong about this. We have all heard the rumors of what happened to High Charity, but we do not talk too loudly about them, for fear of giving them life. I see a glint of the same fear in the eyes of some of the older Jiralhanae, those for whom the Covenant is not just a distant memory.

When we joined the Banished, we set aside all Covenant lies and those guillible enough to believe in them. But now that High Charity looms over us like a giant dead thing, those lies do not seem so foolish. Are we not as guilty as the Covenant for ignoring the warning about High Charity as they ignored the tales of the Halo Rings?

One thing is certain. There is danger here. The Ark does not deploy its Sentinels without good reason and their numbers are many.