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Suta 'Noram
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"When we joined the Banished, we set aside all Covenant lies and those gullible enough to believe in them."
— Suta 'Noram[1]

Suta 'Noram is a Sangheili guard in service to the Banished.[1]


"Commander Pavium has stationed me at his salvage operation to provide security in case the humans try to interfere."
— from Suta's jorunal.[1]

In 2558, Suta was aboard the Enduring Conviction when it began its long journey to Installation 00, arriving on November 25.[2] He survived through months of the battle that began there on March 28 of 2559 with the humans of the UNSC Spirit of Fire. On June 4, he was stationed by his commander, the Jiralhanae Pavium, at his salvage operation being conducted near the remains of High Charity. It was his responsibility to stand guard while Unggoy blasted through the wreckage to clear a path to the Covenant's holy city. During this endeavor, he kept a journal in which he recorded his misgivings about the current situation.[1]


"Perhaps it is the offensive musk of the Jiralhanae or the insistent chattering of the Unggoy, but I feel uneasy. There is something wrong about this."
— from Suta's jorunal.[1]

Suta 'Noram serves under Jiralhanae but does not hold his leaders in contempt, despite still holding bigoted views concerning the species. He believes Pavium in particular has a strong tactical mind and would make a fine Sangheili for this reason. He was eager to loot the area around High Charity as quickly as possible, in order to avoid patrolling sentinels and because rumors concerning what had happened to the city unnerved him. He was overcome with a sense of unease and a feeling that they should not be so quick to ignore stories about the Flood. Suta took note of the many sentinels in the immediate vicinity and figured that the Ark would not deploy them so without good reason. Were some evil to befall the operation as a result of their arrogance, he reasoned that they may be deserving of it, as the Covenant had been for its pride and ignorance concerning Halo.[1]

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