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Production information


  • Emergency response[1]
  • Heavy lifting[1]
Technical specifications


Chronological and affiliation


Gao Ministry of the Environment[1]


The Ajax is a unique deep-jungle emergency response craft operated by the Gao Republic's Ministry of the Environment.[1]


The Ministry of the Environment's Ajax is designed for heavy lifting. The craft is so huge that its wingtip rotor blades may commonly trim fronds and clip vines during a descent. The Ajax's great size does not always afford it a lot of cargo space if it is used to transport a ground convoy.[1]

Operational history[edit]

On December 14, 2553, the President of the Gao Republic, Arlo Casille, hitched a ride on the Ajax in order to avoid drawing unwanted attention during a trip he planned to make to the New Leaf Extractions Field Complex within the Yosavi Diversity Reserve to investigate a series of explosions there.[1]


In Greek mythology, Ajax was a legendary figure who played a large role during the Trojan War.

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