SKT-29 Bumblebee

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This article is about the class of lifeboats onboard UNSC Infinity. For other lifeboats named "Bumblebee", see Bumblebee.
SKT-29 Bumblebee
Bumblebee on Installation 07
A Bumblebee crashed on Installation 07.
Production information


Lifeboat shuttle[1]


  • Short-range personnel transfers[1]
  • Ship hull surveys[1]
  • Emergency evacuations[1]
Technical specifications


  • 1 pilot[2]
  • At least 8 passengers[2]
Chronological and affiliation


United Nations Space Command


The SKT-29 Bumblebee, formally known as the SKT-29 Class-8 Enclosed Heavy Lifeboat/Controlled (EHL/C),[3] is a class of human lifeboat shuttle.[4]


Design details[edit]

The SKT-29 Bumblebee is a Class-8 lifeboat shuttle.[4] Designed primarily for evacuation, the SKT-29 is not equipped for offense or defense.[5] Like the SKT-9 Bumblebee, the SKT-29 Bumblebee features forward thrusters as well as air-brakes for descent. However, unlike the SKT-9, the SKT-29 features harnessed crash seats that can be folded upwards to expand the aisle space. There are removable panels on the floor underneath each seat, presumably for storage purposes.[6] Each lifeboat carries emergency rations that could last one week.[2]

Identified Bumblebees[edit]

Operational history[edit]

There are 8,900 SKT-29 lifeboats aboard the UNSC Infinity as of 2558, alongside 12,570 RLT-85 Emergency Shuttlepods.[4] On December 12, 2559, numerous SKT-29 Bumblebees were used during the evacuation of the UNSC Infinity above Installation 07.[5][6]


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