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"Bumblebee" is a class of lifeboat shuttles operated by the UNSC Navy, alongside Lacewing-IIs and Queen Bees.[1]


Bumblebees are types of lifeboats used by the UNSC for short-range personnel transfers, ship hull surveys, and emergency evacuations,[1] such as when ships are in danger of destruction.[2][3] Individual Bumblebees are identified with three letters from the Phonetic alphabet, followed by one or two numbers (for example, Lima Foxtrot Alpha 19, Papa Tango Delta 09, or Whiskey Tango Foxtrot One).[4] The Bumblebees feature a pilot-operated guiding system similar to that of SKT-13 and SKT-21 shuttlecrafts.[5] Bumblebees' classifications depend on their endurance; for example, the SKT-9 Bumblebee is rated Class 3 for medium endurance.[1]



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