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This article is about the human craft. For Covenant dropship cut from Halo 2, see R'ea'kuk-pattern command shuttle.

"We have survivors to transport to the command shuttle."
Cortana during the events of Installation 04.

The command shuttle was a type of vessel in use by the United Nations Space Command.[1] It was likely designed for the purpose of transporting senior officers from ship to ground.

During the opening phases of the Battle of Installation 04 in 2552, the command shuttle referred to by Cortana was presumably the specialised SKT-9 Bumblebee craft used by the command crew of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn to escape the Pillar of Autumn and coordinate the UNSC forces on Installation 04, prior to the bridge crew's capture by Covenant forces.


The command shuttle is mentioned passingly in Halo: Combat Evolved but it is not mentioned in the game's novelization, Halo: The Flood. Instead, Alpha Base serves as the UNSC's command center.

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