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Basic information
Real name



Whyalla, Australia


Whyalla, Australia


August 24th


Year 11 Schooling :D

Places I've lived

Melbourne (2 places in melbourne) Whyalla (3 times haha, can't get away) Port Augusta Port Germein Port Pirie Peterborough


Current School: Edward John Eyre High School

Previous school: (Year 4 - year 10) Home schooled

Before that:

  • Stuart Primary
  • Wilsden Primary
  • Port Germein Primary
  • Frankston Primary
  • Monterey Primary (Mahogany Rise Primary)
  • Hincks Avenue Primary
About me

I've played halo from the beginning, and will keep playing for years to come.

Xbox gamertag
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Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

When I get hold of a sniper rifle.

And Flying

And driving fast vehicles - who needs tanks?

and when funny things happen.

Worst Halo moment

When I'm stuck with a Splaser lol

Anything else

Give me a sniper, and you're doomed. Well, when I'm in practice, if I have stopped playing for a short while, I'm not so good. But if I'm still in practice, I'm unstoppable :D

I suck with the Splazer

I prefer light fast vehicles, and flying ones.

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