Stealth Tactical Aerial Reconnaissance Satellite

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This article is about the UNSC equipment. For the publication, see STARS magazine.

The Stealth Tactical Aerial Reconnaissance Satellite, or STARS for short, is a piece of equipment used by the UNSC during offensive combat operations.[1]


STARS are baseball-sized satellites that remain in orbit above combat situations to provide in-field unmanned tactical command and to relay mission results and statistics to the Office of Naval Intelligence post-mission. They are capable of mapping large areas and providing real time topographical intelligence.[1] It is likely that STARS are used exclusively by the Office of Naval Intelligence because of their advanced nature and specific function.


STARS are extremely useful; they covertly relay communications, topography information, enemy locations, and allied locations and equipment positions to the heads-up display of allied units in range. Furthermore, channels like TEAMBIO are relayed across STARS. They also broadcast orders for individual units. STARS help the UNSC military coordinate even complex operations easily and under stealth conditions, where even COM chatter can give away unit positions.[1]


They were first seen in use in the Battle of Pegasi Delta, and operated in conjunction with SPARTAN-III commandos.

However, as per Franklin Mendez, "machines break", and STARS was accredited for the over 99% fatality rate of Beta Company in the Battle of Pegasi Delta, where STARS failed to recognize the looming presence of no less than seven Covenant Cruisers over the Covenant tritium factory there. This led to a massive Type-31 Seraph plasma charge bombardment and pulse laser sterilization of the SPARTAN-IIIs. The hypothesis held by Spartan Tom-B292 at the time of the disaster was that the STARS mistook the seven cruisers as part of the factory.

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