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Covenant cruiser
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A CCS-class battlecruiser, mainstay of the Covenant fleet
Production information




Attack, interdiction, occupation, patrol[1]

Technical specifications








Repulsor engines

Slipspace drive:



Nanolaminate hull plating



Thousands of infantry and vehicles

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The cruiser is a warship classification that was used by the Covenant, before the empire's collapse in 2552. This category groups a number of capital ships that share different sizes and roles, but were ubiquitous within the Covenant military. Cruisers were the backbone of the now-defunct Covenant fleet.[2]

Cruisers were the most prominent vessels used by the Covenant during an invasion. Since the beginning of Covenant history, cruisers served as the empire's primary mode of galactic transportation and method of enforcing the authority of the Hierarchs. The Covenant manufactured cruisers in vast quantities, easily surpassing the numbers of any other known Covenant starship class.[1]


Like most starships of the Covenant, cruisers follow a typical structural design—a smooth hull with wide, extensive contours and near-perfect symmetry. The design of a cruiser is reminiscent of large marine animals that are native to the colonies of the Sangheili. Two to four hangar bays are found on the undercarriage of each cruiser, aft of a large gravity lift that can be detached and lowered onto a world's surface. A vertical gravity beam can then be generated for the transportation of infantry, supplies, and other assets. Modular bays scattered around a cruiser can be configured as engineering, medical, armory, barracks, or religious facilities. All of these facilities are interconnected by a network of narrow corridors and lifts.[1]

The command deck is located within the center of each cruiser. This deck is a large room with a centralized bridge platform occupied by only the highest-ranking officers aboard the vessel.[1] Each cruiser class has specific shapes and functions, but they often share an overall similar design. The different classes also have similar equipment and armament, such as energy shields, ventral cleansing beams, anterior plasma cannons and point laser defense.[2]


There are many cruiser classes used by the Covenant, each with different roles. All classes are identified according to the standard Covenant starship classification code.[3] By the final years of the Covenant Empire, four primary classes of the Covenant cruiser existed: CRS, CCS, RCS and ORS. Though there are other kinds of cruisers, their differences are minimal and they easily fall within one of the main classes.[2]

  • The CRS-class light cruiser is smaller than the average Covenant cruiser, but it still performs well during attack and interference operations.[2] Light cruisers are prominently used by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant faction.
  • The CCS-class battlecruiser is easily the most prominent warship used by the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War. It performs exceptionally during the invasion and occupation of a world.[2] The class was ideal during ship-to-ship engagements and during vehicle and infantry ground deployments.[1]
  • The RCS-class armored cruiser is a class of cruiser mainly used for patrol and planetary occupation.[2] Developed when energy shielding technology was more limited, the class was not as heavily armed or robust as the CCS class.[1]
  • The ORS-class heavy cruiser is significantly larger than most Covenant cruisers and is used for planetary occupation and naval command.[2] The heavy cruiser is often used as a support for Covenant flagships.[4]
  • The DAS-class storm cutter is a light cruiser[5] that serves as an attack ship. It is primarily used for scouting, pursuit and harassment in battle. The class is regarded as elusive and relentless.[6]


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