AV-19 SkyHawk

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AV-19 SkyHawk
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Production information



Technical specifications


  • 50mm cannons (4)[2]
  • Scorpion anti-tank missiles[2]


  • Jumpjet strike fighter
  • Atmospheric fighter
  • Close air support


United Nations Space Command


The AV-19 SkyHawk is a United Nations Space Command jumpjet strike fighter.[2][1]

Design details[edit]

The SkyHawk is a supersonic VTOL-capable jumpjet that can execute quick turns at high speeds. The fighter bears a very strong resemblance to the AV-22 Sparrowhawk, though it lacks the Sparrowhawk's twin tail.[3] It is armed with four 50mm cannons that flank the cockpit, as well as Scorpion anti-tank missiles.[2]

Operational history[edit]

Several SkyHawks were located at Fairchild Airfield on Reach during the Fall of Reach in summer 2552. On August 29, a SkyHawk was dispatched by Colonel James Ackerson to attack SPARTAN John-117 and the AI Cortana during a test of AI integration with the Mark V MJOLNIR armor. With Cortana's assistance, the SPARTAN was able to endure the SkyHawk's cannons' strafing run. He then avoided one of its guided anti-tank missile by deflecting it at the last moment. The test showed the Spartan-AI team to be far more successful than expected.[2]


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