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UNSC Vacuna
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Service information


Prior to September 2552



Participated battles:

Operation: SUNSPEAR

Noteworthy crewmembers:

Gray Team


Office of Naval Intelligence


The UNSC Vacuna was a Prowler in service with the Office of Naval Intelligence during and after the Human-Covenant War.

Operational history[edit]

In 2552, the Vacuna was selected to helm Operation: SUNSPEAR, a covert effort to launch a massive retaliatory strike against the advancing Covenant in the event of an attack on Earth. Its mission was to ferry the three members of the Spartan Gray Team deep into Covenant space and to deploy a NOVA bomb on a planet of their choosing should the Covenant find the human homeworld.

The Vacuna was deployed shortly after the Fall of Reach, and Gray Team was ordered to carry out the strike at its soonest available opportunity. After months without contact with the UNSC, the Vacuna arrived at the Sangheili colony of Glyke, and Gray Team made the decision to attack the planet as Sangheilios was too heavily defended. Vacuna deployed Gray Team to the surface of Glyke, where the NOVA bomb was activated and timed for detonation. Gray Team then returned to the Vacuna as it fled the planet, narrowly avoiding the planet's complete destruction. The Vacuna however suffered catastrophic damage as it was caught in the planet's destructive shockwave, forcing Gray Team to evacuate. The three Spartans escaped aboard the vessel's single Class-5 Bumblebee, codenamed Whiskey Tango Foxtrot One, as the prowler succumbed to the damage it sustained, killing all remaining hands aboard.[1]

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