Gao Ministry of the Environment

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Gao Ministry of the Environment
General overview


Executive department[1]

Headed by:

Minister of the Environment[1]

Organizational overview


Gao Republic[1]

Part of:

Cabinet of Ministers[1]


Rinale, Founder's District, Gao[1]


The Gao Ministry of the Environment (GMoE)[2] is an executive department of the Gao Republic that manages environmental affairs on Gao, a human Outer Colony. It also is responsible for deep-jungle emergency responses, which it accomplishes with assistance from its Ajax, a heavy lifting aircraft.[2] To this end, it also operates at least one Bronto. The ministry is headed by the Minister of the Environment, who holds a seat on the Cabinet of Ministers.


In July of 2553, the seat of Minister of the Environment was held by Saul Quarres.[1] By December of that year Saul had been replaced by Duena Sandos, who had become the closest confidante of the new president, Arlo Casille.[2]

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