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Saul Quarres
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Minister of the Environment[1]


Saul Quarres is a human politician and engineer who served as the Minister of the Gao Republic's Ministry of the Environment.[1]


A scraggly-bearded engineer, Saul Quarres served as the Minister of the Gao Republic's Ministry of the Environment in July 2553, holding a seat on the Cabinet of Ministers. On July 5, 2553, Quarres participated in an emergency Cabinet meeting after the United Nations Space Command forces on Gao came under attack by the Keepers of the One Freedom and the Committee to Preserve Gao Independence armed with Gao weapons. While President Tejo Aponte sought to lend aid to the UNSC to prevent civilian casualties, Quarres did not think the lives of the Gao militia's personnel should be risked to save UNSC soldiers. Quarres was one of the five Cabinet members, including Minister of Protection Arlo Casille and Minister of Finance Trella Rangel, that opposed Aponte's plan to aid the UNSC and Casille attempted to make a Cabinet vote to have the Gao militia move against the UNSC. Quarres, Rangel, and two other ministers supported Casille's vote, though Aponte decided for Gao to remain neutral in the conflict instead, satisfying the ministers.[1] By December of that same year, Quarres had been replaced as minister by Duena Sandos.[2]

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