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Cabinet of Ministers
General overview


Executive branch[1]

Headed by:

President of the Gao Republic[1]

Organizational overview


Gao Republic[1]

Part of:

Gao Republic[1]


Gao Cabinet Chamber[1]


"President Aponte may be a patient man, but his ministers are not. If the killings continue, the Cabinet will insist on action."
Special Inspector Veta Lopis[2]

The Cabinet of Ministers, also known as the People's Cabinet,[3] is the executive branch of the Gao Republic, the planetary government of the human Outer Colony of Gao. Headed by the President of the Gao Republic, the Cabinet is composed of the ministers of Gao's executive departments.[1]


"Our latest information indicates your Cabinet of Ministers is meeting today. Once Casille assumes office, we expect him to move quickly."
— Commander Murtag Nelson[4]

In May 2553, after realizing that a Forerunner ancilla was located beneath the surface of Gao, a battle group deployed by UNSC Fleet Command traveled to Gao. After a tense negotiation, President Tejo Aponte allowed the battle group to land the 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion on the planet's surface to investigate, though the battalion merely claimed to be conducting research rather than searching for an ancilla. Several members of the Cabinet were displeased that Aponte allowed the UNSC to land a battalion on Gao, though reluctantly agreed with the president. However, after the ancilla—Intrepid Eye—began murdering Gao citizens and framing the UNSC, Commander Murtag Nelson of the battalion instead proposed a joint investigation with the Gao Ministry of Protection to solve the murders.[5] However, as the investigation stretched on, members of the Cabinet grew impatient and began pressuring Aponte to take action against the UNSC.[2]

On July 5, 2553, President Aponte called for an emergency meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, in response to the Keepers of the One Freedom and the Committee to Preserve Gao Independence attack on the UNSC compound at the Montero Vitality Center and on the battalion at the village of Wendosa. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Cabinet, the conflict had been orchestrated by Minister of Protection Arlo Casille, who sought to remove the UNSC from Gao and to take Aponte's position as president, believing that Aponte was weak for allowing the UNSC to land. During the meeting, Aponte proposed a mission to support the UNSC forces, as Gao citizens were also in danger at Wendosa. However, Casille and several other ministers opposed this plan, with Casille even calling a vote to move the Gao militia against the UNSC. Aponte denied the vote and instead decided to have Gao remain neutral in the conflict, temporarily appeasing Casille and the other ministers.[1]

On July 6, 2553, Casille decided to take action against the UNSC on his own authority. Calling another Cabinet meeting, Casille called for a Cabinet proclamation demanding Aponte's resignation. The proclamation proved successful and Aponte was forced to step down, with Casille being voted in to assume office in Aponte's place. Casille proceeded to take military action against the UNSC.[3][4]


"I am opposing an invasion by a foreign power—as is required of all cabinet ministers under the Articles of the Gao Charter."
— Minister of Protection Arlo Casille[6]

The Cabinet of Ministers is composed of at least six ministers of Gao's executive departments, and the body itself is headed by the President of the Gao Republic. Members of the Cabinet are selected by the president and can remain on the cabinet for multiple presidential terms. The Cabinet convenes in the Gao Cabinet Chamber, located in the People's Palace in the capital city of Rinale. Each meeting of the Cabinet begins when the president enters the Cabinet Chamber, to which all ministers rise until the president is seated and gestures for them to do the same.[1] As of July 2553, the Cabinet is composed of:

Cabinet ministers are to follow the Articles of the Gao Charter, which also dictates that all ministers of the cabinet are to oppose invasions by foreign powers in order to maintain Gao's sovereignty.[6] Members of the Cabinet have the authority to call a vote during a Cabinet meeting to carry out a motion, such as ordering the Gao militia to action, with the votes of five ministers being more than enough to carry a motion. All measures carried out by a vote are documented in the Cabinet's official record.[1] While ministers can call for a no-confidence motion to remove the president from office, a minister can also call for a Cabinet proclamation which only requires a majority vote from the Cabinet to carry out the motion.[4]

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