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Minos system[1]







Unified Earth Government


Hellas was a human colony world of the Unified Earth Government.



Hellas was established as a UEG colony in the Minos system in the year 2458.[1]


During the Insurrection, Hellas—along with the colony Fumirole—harbored insurrectionists who were known to utilize rumbledrugs. In 2527, SPARTAN-IIs were involved in an operation on Hellas where they had forced twenty insurrectionists to retreat into an indefensible fox hole. Cornered, one of them injected rumbledrugs into his arm and started pushing forwards. One of the Spartans fired on him with an MA5B assault rifle, with the insurgent only beginning to stumble halfway through the magazine. When the insurgent's own allies moved up to cover him, he turned on them, shredding through them like they were nothing.[2] Unencumbered by the body's normal safety limits, people under the influence of rumbledrugs were capable of feats of enormous strength, but the subsequent lack of control and mental instability together with the immediate physiological damage meant that users often died long before they ever laid hands on an actual Spartan.[3] Omega Team had knowledge of this particular event on Hellas, though it is uncertain if they participated in the operation itself or if they were simply briefed on reports following the mission.[2]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

In 2540, Spartans August-099, Leon-011, Robert-025, Kai-125, Riz-028, and Vannak-134 of Omega Team were involved in operations on Hellas.[4]

The planet was later glassed in 2541 during the Human-Covenant War.[1]


The colony is likely named after the Hellenic Republic (commonly known as Greece), a nation located on Earth.

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