Symbols of the UNSC

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The symbols of the UNSC are the symbols used to identify the organization and its branches.


Organization symbols[edit]


The Human-Covenant war version saw its earliest uses in 2525.[8] A slightly simplified version of the logo was used at Corbulo Academy of Military Science in 2526.[9] The logo continued to see use through much of 2552.[2][4] By 2557, the logo was almost wholly replaced by a new logo.[10] Though the Covenant war logo was still used on the UNSC Infinity at this point.[11] Due to the disappearance of the UNSC Spirit of Fire in 2531, equipment and uniforms from the ship use the Human-Covenant war era logo in 2559.[12] At some point after 2560, the pilot of Pelican Echo 216 had a different, simplified version of this logo.[13]
This logo is often stenciled on equipment, and may be simplified in some applications.[1]
  • Redesigned logo - Following the war, the UNSC's branding was overhauled resulting in a new logo. It can be described as bold, strong, and ascendant.[14]
However, this logo's first uses were in late 2552, appearing on Warthogs and crates,[5][15] before becoming commonplace by 2557.[10]
The logo, saw use on the side of the UNSC Infinity,[10] on the wings of Strident-class heavy frigates,[16] and on the sides of vehicles.[10] A slightly modified version of the logo was used in the UNSC Tactical Simulator, where the word "TACSIM" was added.[17] A partially colored version of the logo was painted on to the floor of a meeting room in HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6.[18]
A redesigned wordmark was used by the UNSC as early as 2554.[19] By 2557, Some fatigues also had the wordmark printed on it.[20]


Similar to the "Eagle, Globe, and Banner" logo, the UNSCDF symbols earliest sighting was in 2525.[21] It continued use up until 2552.[22]


  • Navy logo - The navy's logo is composed of a delta, point upwards and away from a star, above several chevrons and layered over a globe. It was in use starting in at least 2554, being semi-transparent on papers used for official reports.[19]
  • ONI logos - ONI uses several symbols, including their seal[23] and a logo similar in design to the "Eagle, Globe, and Banner" logo.[24]
  • ORION Project emblem - The ORION project had a number of associated emblems.
  • Navy unit emblems

Air Force logos[edit]

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The Air Force's logo.

Army logos[edit]

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The army's logo is composed of a chevron and triangle with a star in it.

Marine Corps logos[edit]

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The Marine Corps' logo.

  • Hellbringers logo - The Hellbringer logo consists of a flame, with a two tone pattern behind it.[12]
  • Marine unit emblems

Spartan Operations logos[edit]

  • Spartan Operations logo - The logo for Spartan Operations bore a resemblance to the SPARTAN-II emblem.
  • Spartan Operations unit emblems

Vehicle symbols[edit]


Halo: The Master Chief Collection[edit]

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The ONI logo is a usable emblem and nameplate in the Master Chief Collection.

As part of the Halodays Season, a special nameplate for the MCC was added featuring the "Eagle, Globe, and Banner" in a sweater.[31]

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

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The post-war UNSC logo, the ONI seal, the Navy's logo, the Army's logo, and the ODST logo as well as several unit logos are all Emblems, acquirable through the Requisition system.


A special version of the "Eagle, Globe, and Banner" was created for GlobalGiving's Coronavirus Relief Fund. This special logo is simplified and features a yellow ribbon with the words "#WeGotThisSpartans" along it.[32]