Symbols of the UNSC

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The symbols of the UNSC are the symbols used to identify the organization and its branches.


Organization symbols[edit]


The Human-Covenant war version saw its earliest uses in 2525.[8] A slightly simplified version of the logo was used at Corbulo Academy of Military Science in 2526.[9] The logo continued to see use through much of 2552.[2][4] By 2557, the logo was almost wholly replaced by a new logo.[10] Though the Covenant war logo was still used on the UNSC Infinity at this point.[11] Due to the disappearance of the UNSC Spirit of Fire in 2531, equipment and uniforms from the ship use the Human-Covenant war era logo in 2559.[12] At some point after 2560, the pilot of Pelican Echo 216 had a different, simplified version of this logo.[13]
This logo is often stenciled on equipment, and may be simplified in some applications.[1]
  • Redesigned logo - Following the war, the UNSC's branding was overhauled resulting in a new logo. It can be described as bold, strong, and ascendant.[14]
However, this logo's first uses were in late 2552, appearing on Warthogs and crates,[5][15] before becoming commonplace by 2557.[10]
The logo, saw use on the side of the UNSC Infinity,[10] on the wings of Strident-class heavy frigates,[16] and on the sides of vehicles.[10] A slightly modified version of the logo was used in the UNSC Tactical Simulator, where the word "TACSIM" was added.[17] A partially colored version of the logo was painted on to the floor of a meeting room in HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6.[18]
A redesigned wordmark was used by the UNSC as early as 2554.[19] By 2557, Some fatigues also had the wordmark printed on it.[20]


Similar to the "Eagle, Globe, and Banner" logo, the UNSCDF symbols earliest sighting was in 2525.[21] It continued use up until 2552.[22]


  • Navy logo - The navy's logo is composed of a delta, point upwards and away from a star, above several chevrons and layered over a globe. It was in use starting in at least 2554, being semi-transparent on papers used for official reports.[19]
  • ONI logos - ONI uses several symbols, including their seal[23] and a logo similar in design to the "Eagle, Globe, and Banner" logo.[24]
  • ORION Project emblem - The ORION project had a number of associated emblems.
  • Navy unit emblems

Army logos[edit]

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The army's logo is composed of a chevron and triangle with a star in it.

Marine Corps logos[edit]

  • Hellbringers logo - The Hellbringer logo consists of a flame, with a two tone pattern behind it.[12]
  • Marine unit emblems

Spartan Operations logos[edit]

  • Spartan Operations logo - The logo for Spartan Operations bore a resemblance to the SPARTAN-II emblem.
  • Spartan Operations unit emblems

Vehicle symbols[edit]


Halo: The Master Chief Collection[edit]

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The ONI logo is a usable emblem and nameplate in the Master Chief Collection.

As part of the Halodays Season, a special nameplate for the MCC was added featuring the "Eagle, Globe, and Banner" in a sweater.[31]

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

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The post-war UNSC logo, the ONI seal, the Navy's logo, the Army's logo, and the ODST logo as well as several unit logos are all Multiplayer emblems, acquirable through the Requisition system.


A special version of the "Eagle, Globe, and Banner" was created for GlobalGiving's Coronavirus Relief Fund. This special logo is simplified and features a yellow ribbon with the words "#WeGotThisSpartans" along it.[32]