Symbols of the Office of Naval Intelligence

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The Seal of the Office of Naval Intelligence.

The symbols of the Office of Naval Intelligence are the primary symbols used to identify the organization and its divisions.


The "Eagle, Globe, and Banner" derived logo.

Seal of the Office of Naval Intelligence[edit]

The Seal of the Office of Naval Intelligence superficially resembles a stylized surveillance satellite, but it also represents a pyramid of knowledge with an all-seeing eye and an arrowhead directed to the heavens.[1] Above the center circle reads "UNSC" and at the bottom, in between the edges of the outer circle reads "Office of Naval Intelligence".

The colors of the seal can be inverted on dark surfaces.[2] In some instances, the text is removed from the seal.[3] The seal can be modified to include ONI units[4] or locations.[5]


Another symbol, based on the UNSC's "Eagle, Glove, and Banner" logo is also occasionally used. Featuring the bird with the globe, the main differences include the globe containing the "all-seeing eye" with triangles and stars surrounding it and the ribbon at the bottom containing the text "Office of Naval Intelligence" in it.[6]


The "Eagle, Globe, and Banner" logo was first used sometime between 2540 and 2551.[7]

The seal for the Office of Naval Intelligence saw use as late as 2560.[8]


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