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Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition

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The front cover of the Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition.

The Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition is the limited edition release of Halo 2. The Limited Collector's Edition was released alongside the standard edition on November 9, 2004.

Official summary[edit]

One of the most highly-anticipated games of 2004 gets a limited edition release in the form of this supreme, luxury stylised tin. As well as containing the sequel to arguably one of the finest games to ever grace gaming platforms, this edition will contain a wealth of exclusive and special features, including the a collection of featurettes detailing the development process of the game as well as its much celebrated predecessor.


Contents summary[edit]

  • Special Content Disc + Game (2 Discs)
  • Behind the Scenes: The Making of Halo 2
  • Making the Game: Six Video Featurettes
  • Visualizing the Story (Concept Art, Early level Design, From Script to Game, Narrated Storyboards, Character Tests)
  • Bonus Material (Game Trailers for both Halo 1 and Halo 2, Cutscenes, Commentaries, Inside Bungie, A Bungie History, Before Halo, The Making of Halo 1, Gameographies)[1]

Limited Collector's Edition Disc[edit]

The Limited Collector's Edition Disc provides documentaries on the development of Halo 2 and the Halo universe as a whole. It also provides access to deleted scenes and other content from the cutting room floor.

Behind the Scenes: Making of Halo 2

Bonus materials


Weapons and Vehicles and Characters

Halo Origins

Halo 2: First Look

DVD Secrets[edit]

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On the main menu of the DVD where it shows behind the scenes, art gallery, etc, do not do anything. Just simply wait. Soon, you can hear a voice of a soldier begging you to press play.

On any section of the DVD(NOT watching the movie, just the sections), press and hold the left button on your DVD remote. It should cycle quickly through the selections of the section and soon, it will send you into a secret art gallery. Each section gives a different gallery.

Limited Collector's Edition Manual[edit]

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The Limited Collector's Edition provides an exclusive game manual, which features a Covenant Elite Zealot on the manual's cover instead of the standard edition's Master Chief cover. The manual is written as if it were a report made by the Covenant Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice to the Prophet of Truth, after the Battle of Installation 04.

Conversations from the Universe[edit]

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The Conversations from the Universe is a booklet containing various conversations, letters and text logs from characters in the Halo universe.