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Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition manual

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The Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition manual.

The Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition manual was released as part of the Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition.

The manual is written as if it were a report made by the Covenant Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice to the Prophet of Truth, after the Battle of Installation 04. The following article is a transcription of the manual's text.

Sections of the manual[edit]

Safety Information[edit]

This is the safety information that tells you how to play games safely.

Report on the Atrocity at Halo[edit]

This section goes over a report that Thel 'Vadam made about his failure at Installation 04.

To Prophet of Truth
Most high and honored Prophet: It is with the greatest shame that I lay myself before
the judgment of the Council. I expect and will accept no mercy. My failure in this
matter is absolute; I embrace my responsibility and await my punishment.

The disgrace and blasphemy at Halo was an abomination caused by my
incompetence and failure of judgment. Although the tales and rumors of
the Demon have basis in fact, much of this talk is Unggoy superstition and
exaggeration. Certainly the Demon, a Human, activated a catastrophic engine-
failure sequence on the crashed Human vessel, but it was allowed to do so
because of failures in security measures and tactics for which I bear full responsibility.

I have no good news to relay, but the Human action was suicidal, either by
accident or design. I believe none of them escaped the catastrophe.

As ever, Jiralhanae accounts of the conflict are unreliable and their accounts of
this Human's abilities and actions are absurd. No Human is capable of the things
they gossip and chatter about. I suspect panic and excuse, as well as confusion
caused by the spread of the parasite.

The Human in question is certainly unusual, although not the creature it has been
described as. It stands taller than most, is faster and more aggressive, but still
irrevocably a Human animal, worthy of neither fear nor respect. It is merely an
exception that proves the rule. As always, Humans remain beneath our contempt.
Their failure at Reach compounds their defeat. We sense that their defenses are
failing rapidly. I have gathered information on the Human's armor, abilities, and 
weapons, which follows this report.

Perhaps more worrisome is the discovery and subsequent conflict with the
parasite on Halo. This monstrosity festered, rotted, and waited on the Holy
World, and although we cannot be sure, the Humans may have released it from 
its shackles. I do not presume to know the unknowable, but I suspect that the
Forerunners meant this filth to stay imprisoned forever. The sacred grace of Halo
was polluted before it was destroyed.

I await my punishment with faith and honor.

--Supreme Commander, Fleet of Particular Justice

Updated Intelligence on Human Weapons and Tactics[edit]

A report that tells of the Spartans and their role on Installation 04.

Most high and honored Council, according to records gleaned from the conflict 
and subsequent victory at ''Reach'' and the disaster at Halo, the Demon, 
this exceptional Human, is a class of warrior known as a "Spartan." These 
Spartans were most numerous on ''Reach'' and were more difficult to eradicate than 
the other Human troops. It appears that the Demon escaped from ''Reach''.

These Spartans may be technologically-enhanced. They are certainly well-versed in 
armed and unarmed combat, and in many ways they fight more like Sangheili than 
Unggoy. And like the Sangheili, they are able to inspire discipline and tenacity 
among their weaker ranks.

Their primitive weapons and vehicles rely almost exclusively on projectiles and 
explosive chemicals. As ancient as their technology seems, it has occasionally caught 
our troops off guard. Casualties caused by unprepared infantry are unacceptable. They 
should be better educated in Human tactics and technology. A comparison of these devices 
and our current weaponry follows.

Our Numbers Deployed on the Human World[edit]

This section shows the overview the Covenant did on Unggoy, Sangheili, Mgalekgolo, Yanme'e, Jiralhanae, Kig-yar, and San'Shyuum.


Council: The Human home world is a primitive mix of cluttered angular dwellings, open bodies of water, and some purposeless agricultural areas. It has little logic in layout or structure, and its warrens of slum and rock will make for challengingbattles. Our mission is such that we cannot simply level these structures, and so we shall deploy a wide range of general fighters and specialists to ensure our task is completed with speed, purpose, and accuracy.


Stout and numerous, the Unggoy long have been the lifeblood of our Covenant’s infantry. They will obey any order in the service of their duty and fight well with plasma pistol, turret, or in vehicles. Unggoy will as ever fight well with their comrades the Kig-yar, and obey the directives of the Sangheili.


Slight of build as they are, the Kig-yar remain a valuable fighting force. Excellent shots, and with their shields nearly invulnerable, the Kig-yar offer a great tactical advantage in ground combat. Faster and taller than the Unggoy, they complement each other very well.


The Lekgolo pairs are simply too large to be deployed in many circumstances on this cramped sewer of a world, and so they will be given specialized missions. We will station them at defensive points as we gain territory, and bring them in for heavy destruction. Their fuel rod guns and sheer ability to inspire fear will be invaluable.


Our iron heart—the ideal fighter for this mission. My brothers. The Sangheili will be deployed across every rank, from simple soldier to Elite Commander. They thirst for Human blood and vengeance for the atrocity at Halo, and their loyalty is unquestioned. Excellent infantrymen and superb commanders, the Sangheili are proficient with most weapons and vehicle systems.


The newest ally to join the embrace of our flock is a powerful fighter indeed. The Jiralhanae are endowed with prodigious physical strength, and their simian origin makes them ideal for missions in any environment. We shall deploy them against Humans in the same instances as the Sangheili, but we may also give the Jiralhanae some increased security responsibilities in this conflict.


Suited for flight and fighting in this planet’s gravity, the Yanme’e will be a valuable inclusion to our forces. The Humans are unused to fighting aerial infantry. The Yanme’e will use their ability to fly to gain ground and provide accurate cover fire for other troops.


Our guiding light and the directors of our purpose. They are father to the children of our Covenant, and they will lead us to truth and to perfection. The Prophets of Truth, Mercy, and Regret will navigate us through the task that awaits us.


This section details how to play the game using an Xbox controller.

Sangheili Battle Suit[edit]

This section details info about the Sangheili armor HUD.

HUD Info

Sangheili armor features an upgraded HUD system tied directly to armor sensors and integrated fully with the suit.

The HUD is capable of cross-referencing temperature readings to track charge depletion status on all Covenant weapons. It also tracks the ammunition status of all Human weapons should they be used.

Weapon Indicators

Sangheili armor can monitor the status of two weapons simultaneously. A left-wielded weapon and ammo display on the left of the HUD; right-hand or single-use weapons display on the far-right portion of the HUD. When a single weapon is wielded, status on your grenade types displays on the left side. Since a Sangheili warrior can keep a third weapon in reserve, this is also indicated on the right side.

Motion Tracker

Indicates relative whereabouts of allies and hostile combatants. Motion tracker is tuned to detect aggressive or obvious motion and cannot show location of stationary or slow-moving hostiles.

Shield Indicator

A bar above the motion tracker. Solid purple indicates optimal state.

Warning Indicators

These display below your reticle to provide valuable information.

Battle Tactics[edit]

This section is all about getting started in the game. You get told how to set up Xbox Live, use the main menu, and how to start Campaign.

Noble Tools of Conquest[edit]

The Covenant weapons part has several sentences about all known Covenant weapons such as the Energy Sword, Plasma Pistol, and Brute Shot.


Most Supreme Council: The Human environment is unique and as such, provides unique challenges to our infantry. We shall therefore deploy specialized weapon sets to cope with this mix of open-field and close-quarters fighting. The following weapons will be supplied to ground-based troops. Some of these weapons you can dual-wield, enabling you to use them simultaneously.

Plasma Pistol (dual wield)

Core Power Output: 100-150 kV : 2-3 dA.
Standard-issue firearm of lesser Unggoy is still a flexible and useful tool, wielded correctly. Charged bursts of plasma decimate shielding, should the user hold trigger closed. Shorter bursts can be fired rapidly and repeatedly. Charge depletes in difficult battlefield situations. Once energy core has completely discharged, weapon is useless.

Plasma Rifle (dual wield)

Rate of Fire: 420-600 rounds per minute.
Favored by Sangheili but available throughout military, Plasma Rifle makes excellent mid-range weapon. Powerful, light, and deadly in capable hands. Fires super-heated plasma boltsin automatic or semi-automatic fashion. Limited power supply is only weakness. Once energy core has completely discharged, weapon is useless.

Needler (dual wield)

Ammo Capacity: 30 rounds per magazine.
Although of limited use against artillery or vehicles, a dangerous weapon. Inflicts enormous pain on targets as barbs erupt explosively in flesh. Concentrated grouping of quills kills most Humans quickly. Slight ricochet effect means it should be wielded carefully.

Covenant Carbine

Ammo Capacity: 36 rounds per magazine.
Using very high-speed radioactive ammunition, highly flexible and accurate rifle. Best used at medium distances against Human opponents, features a digital visual enhancer, doubling magnification of chosen targets.

Particle Beam Rifle

Output Capacity: 18 bursts per charge.
Excellent choice for long-distance execution of targets. Charged-particle weapon fires lethal beam, shot to head guarantees success against shielded or unshielded target. Rifle has digital visual enhancer, with two levels of magnification for mid- to long-distance targeting.

Brute Shot

Ammo Capacity: 4 rounds per belt.
Jiralhanae grenade launcher fires powerful ballistic explosives. Can fire these explosives in rapid succession—a string of four before reload required. Very short fuse allows skilled marksmen to deflect grenades off of hard surfaces to reach covered targets.

Covenant Energy Sword

Length: 3 feet.
Noble and ancient weapon, wielded by strongest of Sangheili, requires great skill and bravery to use, and inspires fear in those who face its elegant plasma blade. Energy sword not to be used by those of ignoble rank, under any circumstances. Press B for regular melee attack, and pull Right trigger for basic undercut attack. Or wait until reticle turns red to lock on an enemy, then pull Right trigger to perform a fatal lunge attack.

Fuel Rod Gun

Ammo Capacity: 5 rounds per clip.
Fuel Rod Gun is a useful infantry tool, designed to be used against smaller vehicles and personnel. Radioactive ammunition renders it particularly effective against Human ground forces. Optical zoom facility makes it accurate as well as powerful.

Plasma Grenade

Radius: 30 feet.
Most commonly used thrown explosive in our arsenal is flexible and powerful plasma device. Intelligent-adherence quality rewards accurate thrower, and has proven itself especially useful when attempting to halt or destroy Human vehicles. Adheres firmly to Human epidermal layer.Slow fuse allows thrower three seconds to retreat from blast radius.

Primitive Implements of War[edit]

The section about UNSC weaponry covers the basics about all Human weapons from the M6C Magnum to the M41 LAAG.


Great Council: Human weapons are primitive, mostly chemical and projectile in nature, but some are effective nonetheless. Our reliance on and expectation of energy-based weapons means that we may need to adjust our strategy when faced with the Human devices. However, the simplistic nature of Human weapons makes them open to analysis. Covenant weapons are always superior, but when faced with a choice of wielding no weapon or a Human weapon, our forces should acquire the nearest weapon at hand—even if Human. A basic understanding of how these primitive weapons work is important so that we may use these weapons to our advantage.

M6C Pistol (dual wield)

Ammo Capacity: 12 rounds per magazine.
Almost laughably weak in most circumstances; however, Human pistol fires metallic projectiles which can be dangerous when fired very accurately. Often used as last resort by desperate Humans and one of their least threatening devices. Features no visual targeting enhancement and can be fired just 12 times before physical reload is required.

BR55 Rifle

Ammo Capacity: 36 rounds per magazine.
Accurate, reasonably powerful, and carries large number of small explosive-fired metallic projectiles. Fires burst of 3 projectiles. Battle Rifle has optical visual enhancement, doubling the magnification of chosen targets.

M7/Caseless Sub Machine Gun(SMG) (dual wield)

Ammo Capacity: 60 rounds per magazine.
Reliance on explosive chemical percussion makes its performance erratic and apparently difficult to control. Kinetic energy causes inaccurate firing. But sheer number of projectiles makes it a more difficult obstacle to infantry.

S2 AM Sniper Rifle

Ammo Capacity: 4 rounds per magazine
Using gas pressure as mode of percussive acceleration, very high-powered weapon fires aerodynamically assisted projectiles made of very hard metal. Long barrel ensures true and accurate aim, penetrates all flesh. Direct strike to head kills energy-shielded infantry. Has 2 levels of digital visual enhancer, to increase the magnification of chosen targets.

M19 SSM Rocket Launcher

Ammo Capacity: 2 102mm shaped-charged rockets.
Surprisingly effective and somewhat admired, fires missiles containing chemical explosive that can track moving vehicles. Effective even against Lekgolo. Launcher has digital visual enhancer, doubling magnification of chosen targets. Reticle indicator denotes when launcher has locked on target.

M90 Shotgun

Ammo Capacity: 12 8-gauge shotgun shells.
Long-barreled weapon packs many tiny projectiles into each shot fired. Sprays cone pattern and while useless at any reasonable distance, is quite powerful at close range. In warrens of dwellings where we must fight, must be taken seriously. Humans must manually pump to refresh firing chamber.

M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade

Radius: 15–30 feet.
Chemical explosive contained within hard casing. Operates on impact-activated timed fuse. When thrown by Human, fuse activates as it strikes object. However, grenade has no adherence ability and bounces unpredictably. Explosive radius and ability to inflict harm not to be underestimated.

M41 LAAG (vehicle mounted)

Ammo Capacity: Unlimited.
The most commonly encountered weapon on the Human “Warthog” vehicle, this projectile firing weapon uses chemical percussion to fire projectiles at a high rate of speed and frequency. Simple but effective technology

M68 Gauss Cannon(vehicle mounted)

Ammo Capacity: Unlimited.
This curious Human weapon uses familiar magnetic-coil technology, but to accelerate primitive, though effective, projectiles at incredibly high speeds. Very effective and destructive against energy shielding. Not as effective against multiple ground forces.

Covenant Vehicle Deployment[edit]

The Covenant vehicle section contains information on the Ghost, the Spectre, the Wraith, and the Banshee.


We have deployed a large number of low-altitude atmospheric and ground vehicles to expedite careful incursion into Human territory. These are best suited to this planet’s gravity and atmosphere. Mission requires additional troop transports since we are forced to deploy massive numbers of localized infantry.


Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
Armament: Twin Plasma Cannons(100-250 kW range)
Standard individual battle/transport vehicle, has proven itself in thousands of sorties and functions well in this environment. Boost facility, which temporarily diverts power from twin plasma cannons and steering modifiers, achieves very high speeds on this planet. Pull Left trigger to boost speed.


Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
Armament: Two Plasma Cannons
Secondary Weapon System: Fuel Rod Cannon
Although slow, Banshee is highly maneuverable in thick atmosphere of planet. Ability to loop and barrel-roll makes it a challenging and slippery target for Human ground emplacements. Twin plasma cannons and single fuel rod cannon make it a formidable vehicle for strafing, bombing, and reconnaissance.


Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
Armament: Plasma Mortar & 2 Auto-firing Plasma Cannons
Heavily armed with ballistic plasma cannon, Wraith makes an excellent first-strike ground assault vehicle, as useful against structures and vehicles as it is against individual infantry. Thanks to considerable mass, Wraith is slow, and a boost function assists overall maneuverability.


CREW: 1 + 1 gunner (+ 2 riders)
Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
Armament: Plasma Cannons
Multi-troop armored transport is small and maneuverable to travel with ease in Human dwelling areas. Can carry pilot and gunner; 2 passengers may ride on the flanks. However, relatively low speed makes it vulnerable to attack. Rear-mounted plasma cannon provides ample discouragement to most Humans, but best employed in end-of-battle scenarios.


CREW: 2+8
Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
Armament: Plasma Cannons
Most flexible ground-based troop transport, capable of delivering multiple armed troops quickly and efficiently. Can hold driver, gunner, and up to 8 occupants, depending on type and relative size of infantry, but Shadow is outfitted to carry Jiralhanae, Sangheili, Unggoy, and Kig-yar.

Human Ground Vehicles[edit]

The section about UNSC vehicles covers both the M12 Warthog LRV and the M12G1 Warthog LAAV "Gauss Warthog" as well as the Scorpion Tank. This section also explains boarding.


Council: In some ways more primitive than their weaponry, Human vehicles must be taken seriously nonetheless. Usually armed, and considering their wheeled limitations, remarkably agile, Human vehicles have been designed for this precise terrain. Specifications on these vehicles were simple to find in public and encrypted datastreams. We have gleaned little that we had not already assumed.

M12 Warthog LRV

CREW: 1+1 (plus one more in rear)
Weight: 3.25 tons
Armament: 12.7mm three-barreled machine gun
Well-armed and highly maneuverable, the only Human vehicle that can match Ghost in tight quarters. Can carry 3 occupants, one of whom mans turret-mounted projectile weapon. Fires very high density of super-sonic metallic projectiles. Quite fast, can be forced into tight maneuvers using mechanical/magnetic braking system. To power-slide, pull the Left trigger for the E-brake.

M12G1 Warthog LAAV

CREW: 1+1 (plus one more in rear)
Weight: 3.5 tons
Armament: 25mm Gauss Cannon
Identical in every respect to other Human personnel transport variants, except for turret-mounted magnetic-accelerator cannon. Fires single penetrating round at very high speed. Effect on shielding and armor must be respected.

M808B Scorpion MBT

CREW: 1 Human (neural interface required) or single cyborg pilot
Weight: 66 tons
Main gun: 90mm high velocity shell
Secondary/coaxial gun: 7.62mm AP-T (Armor Piercing Tracer)
Heavy, slow, but nonetheless powerful, Human tank capable against ground and aerial targets. Combination of guns—large, single-projectile cannon and secondary coaxial weapon firing a rapid stream of metallic projectiles—make it primary target. Heavily armored and difficult to destroy


This explains how to customize the player's player profile, change their control layout, and even change the game variants.

Multiplayer Basics[edit]

This section goes over basic multiplayer functionality, including split screen, system link, Xbox Live and lobby functions.

This section also goes into game types, maps, and the multiplayer HUD.

Xbox Live[edit]

This section explains Xbox Live and its functionality.

Gaming with Friends![edit]

Explains how to utilize the friends list, party, and clan functionality.

Multiplayer Strategy[edit]

This section gives rudimentary strategies to new players to aid in winning games.[edit]

This area explains and how it links up with Halo 2.


This section goes over those who helped to create Halo 2.


This section goes over the legal stuff to know in the event something goes wrong.

Technical support[edit]

This section goes over technical support available to the player.

Back cover[edit]

Features a graphic with controls to aid the player in playing the game.


In the middle of the physical version of the manual, advertisements for the games Conker Live & Reloaded, Forza Motorsport, Jade Empire, and MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf are present.

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