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The Halo 2 manual.

The Halo 2 manual is a guide to Halo 2 that comes in the basic package.

Sections of the manual[edit]

Safety Information[edit]

This is the safety information that tells you how to play games safely.

Secret Transmission + Master Chief Section[edit]

The first part is a transmission from Cortana that is essentially an overview of the story of Halo: Combat Evolved.

Secret Transmission

To: Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)
From: Cortana, UNSC Pillar of Autumn shipboard AI
Re: SPARTAN-117 and the Destruction of Halo
Sir. As the rich data-bursts attached in this transmission make clear, we have been to hell and back. I’ll be brief.

After Reach fell, I followed Cole protocol, and slipped the Pillar of Autumn. Using astronomical symbols SPARTAN 117 captured from a Covenant vessel, I chose an exit-vector that would place us in an uncharted system near a late-life gas giant planet (new classification, “Threshold”). To my considerable surprise, in orbit around the planet was an artificial ring construct, 10,000 kilometers in diameter.

Initially, I feared the ring was a Covenant installation. It was not. But the enemy had tracked us and was lying in wait around the ring. Rather than risk capture, Captain Keyes ordered my upload into SPARTAN 117’s neural network. While we abandoned ship, the Captain managed to land the Autumn on the ring, saving the lives of many of the crew.

When we realized that Halo could destroy all life, SPARTAN-117 and I decided our only choice was to destroy Halo—stop 343 Guilty Spark from completing his assigned task, and deny the Covenant a weapon of unthinkable power. We used the Pillar of Autumn’s fusion reactors to start a chain reaction that utterly destroyed the ring. I’m sorry to report that Captain Keyes was lost to the Flood.

With respect to our ongoing fight against the Covenant, our time on Halo was well spent. I have gathered a wealth of new information for our database of Covenant weapons, technology, tactics, and society. Additionally, SPARTAN-117’s proficient use of arms, and the destruction of the ring, resulted in a significant loss of enemy personnel and materiel.

That being said, I fear that the Covenant will not take kindly to our obliteration of their holy relic. Having thus struck the hornets’ nest, we are now heading home with all speed.

Attachment 1

<construct coordinates and schematics encrypted/enclosed#####>
The Covenant referred to the ring as “Halo.” It seems a prophecy about Halo’s existence is central to our enemy’s religion, and its discovery was cause for much celebratory chatter on the Covenant battle-network.

During our initial operations on the surface of Halo, we encountered an alien artificial intelligence, designation “343 Guilty Spark.” This AI claimed its primary purpose was tactical containment of a virulent, parasitic life form called “The Flood.”

Attachment 2

<information on Flood parasite morph/biology encrypted/enclosed#####>
Through a connection to Halo’s deep data cores, I ascertained that the ring was built by an ancient race of beings (referred to by the Covenant as “The Forerunners”) as a weapon of last resort against the Flood. A sizable population of Flood was in stasis on the ring, and the Covenant, either by accident or design, released the parasite. Not their most brilliant maneuver.

Attachment 3

<information on Forerunner artifacts, structures, symbols encrypted/enclosed#####>
343 Guilty Spark convinced SPARTAN 117 to activate Halo’s primary weapon system and eliminate the Flood. The AI neglected to tell him however, that because the Flood consumes any suitable sentient host, Halo would make no distinction between the Flood and other life forms. In short: if Halo fired, it would destroy every thinking being in the galaxy. Human, Covenant, everything.

Attachment 4

<known casualties, incurred losses, unaccounted records encrypted/enclosed#####>
Spartan 117, the Master Chief, is a member of the SPARTAN-II project. He is a genetically, biologically, and technically enhanced fighting unit, standing seven feet tall and weighing half a ton in his armor. His reflexes are unmatched, his strength and endurance quite unlike any other human and his tenacity molded by a lifetime of conscripted military training. The Master Chief is proficient in all current ballistic weapons and tactics, incursion, and unarmed combat, and has extensive experience with Covenant military tech.

Breakdown of Known Covenant Species[edit]

This section shows intel the UNSC has on Unggoy, Sangheili, Mgalekgolo, Yanme'e, Jiralhanae, Kig-yar, and San'Shyuum.


Covenant society is highly segmented, consisting of a confederation of races. While an overall socio-political review is important for understanding the nuances of Covenant society, including the role of Prophets, the key for combating our enemy is to review the Covenant fighting classes which are comprised of Grunts, Jackals, Hunters, Elites, Brutes, Drones, and Prophets.


The basic infantry unit of the Covenant, Grunts are dangerous in groups but present little threat individually. Short, stocky, and relatively slow, they will often panic when faced with superior forces. However, if they are being led by an Elite, they will stand and fight.


Excellent shots, the Jackals seem to be higher in status—if not necessarily rank—than the Grunts. They often will be found in defensive positions, fighting from behind their distinctive energy shields. A well-used shield makes a Jackal a difficult target, but the notch they use to return fire provides a weak spot that can be exploited.


Hunters are incredibly dangerous foes, deployed more like equipment than soldiers. They are brought in for demolition or heavy defense, and always work in pairs. These massive creatures appear to be composed of multiple organisms that exist within the Hunter armor, creating a bipedal hive creature. Near impenetrable armor and a devastating hand-held fuel rod weapon make Hunter pairs very problematic.


The Elites are the core of the Covenant military. Excellent soldiers, brilliant tacticians, and disciplined, aggressive fighters, they are the primary strength of the Covenant force. Faster, stronger, and tougher than Humans, they fight in relatively small numbers but often lead squads of Grunts. Armor color seems to indicate rank, and we believe Elites are promoted based on numbers of casualties they inflict.


Not as readily understood as Elites, Brutes fight together in a pack and are physically stronger. Brutes demonstrate similar battlefield abilities to Elites, and their numbers have demonstrably increased since the conflict began. They carry a ballistic explosive weapon with an attached bayonet device


Like the Brutes, Drones appear to be new additions to Covenant fighting forces and are being deployed en masse. Apparently insectoid in origin, in addition to maintaining Covenant spaceships, they have a limited ability to fly and are excellent shots. Highly intelligent, their mastery of antigravity flight assistance has given them an almost insurmountable strategic advantage in combat.


Little intel is available on these creatures. We know that they are administrative or religious in nature and have little to do with actual battlefield circumstances. None has ever been killed or captured, and they appear to be few in number.


This section details how to play the game using an Xbox controller.

MJOLNIR Mark VI Battle Suit HUD[edit]

This section details info about the Mark VI HUD.

HUD Info

The Mjolnir Mark VI armor features an upgraded HUD system tied directly to armor sensors and integrated fully with the neural interface. The HUD tracks ammunition status on all UNSC weapons and now cross-references temperature readings to track charge-depletion of Covenant weapons, should they be used.

Weapon Indicators

Mjolnir Mark VI armor can monitor the status of two weapons simultaneously. A left-wielded weapon and ammo display on the left of the HUD, while right-hand or single-use weapons display on the far-right portion of the HUD. When a single weapon is wielded, status on your grenade types displays on the left side. Since SPARTAN-117 can keep a weapon in reserve, it is indicated on the right side.

Motion Tracker

Indicates relative whereabouts of allies and hostile combatants. Located on the lower-left portion of the HUD, it is tuned to detect aggressive or obvious motion and cannot show the location of stationary or slow-moving hostiles.

Shield Indicator

A bar above the motion tracker. Solid blue indicates an optimal state.

Warning Indicators

These display below your reticle to provide valuable information.

Battle Tactics[edit]

This section is all about getting started in the game. You get told how to set up Xbox Live, use the main menu, and how to start Campaign.

Current UNSC Weapons[edit]

The section about UNSC weaponry covers the basics about all Human weapons from the M6C Magnum to the M41 LAAG.


Since you all will be required to use non-specialist equipment in these difficult circumstances, we are issuing you a refresher on the current available UNSC arsenal. If you have not used any of these weapons in the field or in practice, you would do well to familiarize yourself with them before entering a combat zone. Some of these weapons you can dual-wield. enabling you to fire them simultaneously. To dual-wield, press and hold Y to pick up the secondary weapon. Use the Left and Right triggers to fire.

M6C Pistol (dual wield)

Ammo Capacity: 12 rounds per magazine.
Standard UNSC sidearm. Recoil-operated magazine-fed handgun, firing a magazine of six 12.7mm semi-armor piercing rounds. Fired accurately in semi-automatic mode, can be powerful anti-personnel weapon. This stripped-down “C” variant does not feature a scope.

BR55 Rifle

Ammo Capacity: 36 rounds per magazine.
Battle Rifle fires 9.5mm rounds from 36-round magazine. Mounted with a 2X optical scope for targeting. Fires in short, automatic bursts of three rounds. Very accurate, relatively high rate of fire makes it a useful all-around infantry weapon.

M7/Caseless Sub Machine Gun(SMG) (dual wield)

Ammo Capacity: 60 rounds per magazine.
“Bullet hose” fires sustained burst of 5mm fire from 60-round magazine. SMGs, while not accurate over long distances, can provide withering fire at close quarters. Tends to “walk” upwards as compounding momentum from recoil takes hold. Therefore, careful moderation of aim required to maintain accuracy.

S2 AM Sniper Rifle

Ammo Capacity: 4 rounds per magazine
Gas-operated, magazine-fed weapon utilizes a smart-linked scope with two levels of magnification (5X and 10X). Firing 14.5mm armor-piercing, fin-stabilized, discarding-sabot rounds makes it very powerful. Sheer size and limited magazine capacity dictate strategic use. Devastating from a secured position, has clearly limited use as close-range weapon.

M19 SSM Rocket Launcher

Ammo Capacity: 2 102mm shaped-charged rockets.
Most commonly used light anti-vehicle weapon in UNSC arsenal. Man-portable, shoulder-fired, with single 2X level of magnification. Fires 102mm shaped-charge, high explosive tracking rockets. Reticle indicator denotes when launcher has achieved lock on target.

M90 Shotgun

Ammo Capacity: 12 8-gauge shotgun shells.
Powerful, loud, pump-action, magazine-fed, firing 8-gauge magnum (3.5”) rounds with strong recoil. Devastating at close range and in confined quarters, should be used with caution. Ineffective damage ratios at long range mean it should be used appropriately.

M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade

Radius: 15–30 feet.
Basic explosive device has changed little thanks to excellent design and flexibility. Well-thrown grenade will kill or stun most opponents. Fuse activates half a second after striking surface or object to avoid accidental detonation. Also allows combatants to “bounce” grenade into difficult to reach targets.

M41 LAAG (vehicle mounted)

Ammo Capacity: Unlimited.
3-barreled, electric-powered, link-less drum-fed, vehicle mounted light anti-aircraft gun. Standard armament on Warthog. Fires 450-550 rounds per minute. Excellent armor penetration capability.

M68 Gauss Cannon(vehicle mounted)

Ammo Capacity: Unlimited.
Asynchronous linear-induction motor producesbipolar magnetic field to fire 25mm projectile at hyper-sonic velocity. Excellent armorpenetration capability, but not as effective against multiple infantry.

Covenant Weapons[edit]

The Covenant weapons part has several sentences about all known Covenant weapons such as the Energy Sword, Plasma Pistol, and Brute Shot.


Recent events have exposed us to yet more Covenant military technology, much of it more powerful than previously encountered, and used in widely differing combat situations. Following is a rough field guide to currently known Covenant armaments.

Plasma Pistol (dual wield)

Core Power Output: 100-150 kV : 2-3 dA.
Understood better than most Covenant weapons, Plasma Pistol is semi-automatic, directed energy weapon. Fires rapid bursts of superheated plasma, but holding trigger for extended period can build a powerful overcharged plasma bolt. Becomes temporarily unusable as it discharges excess heat. Both Plasma Pistol and Rifle use power core we don’t fully understand.

Plasma Rifle (dual wield)

Rate of Fire: 420-600 rounds per minute.
Favored by Elites, but used by many Covenant troops, is a directed energy weapon and capable of both automatic and semi-automatic fire. Extended bursts of automatic fire cause weapon to overheat, temporarily disabling gun and depleting energy core. Once energy core has completely discharged, it is useless.

Needler (dual wield)

Ammo Capacity: 30 rounds per magazine.
Unusual magazine-fed weapon fires razorsharp crystalline projectiles, using unexplained homing ability to center on soft organic targets, to pierce flesh no matter the angle of impact. Energy shields deflect them successfully, and they ricochet from other hard surfaces. Ammunition explodes after it impacts flesh, causing further damage.

Covenant Carbine

Ammo Capacity: 36 rounds per magazine.
Rare Covenant projectile-firing rifle, a powerful, stocky weapon, and fitted with magnifying scope. Fires single rounds with high degree of accuracy and power. In some ways its technology mimics Covenant Fuel Rod Gun, although obviously on a smaller scale, but offers similar penetration to UNSC Battle Rifle.

Particle Beam Rifle

Output Capacity: 18 bursts per charge.
Very precise, powerful weapon, uses relatively familiar particle beam acceleration method to fire devastating beam of energy. Limited battery capacity means weapon can fire only 18 bursts before depleting charge. Integrated scope enables two levels of zoom, approximately 5x and 10x. Makes excellent sniper weapon.

Brute Shot

Ammo Capacity: 4 rounds per belt.
Type of grenade launcher used, as far as we can tell, exclusively by Brutes. Grenades it fires from a 4-round belt can be deflected deliberately for tactical reasons, such as firing around corners. One of the least precise Covenant weapons yet encountered, limited ammunition capacity is made up for by huge, razor-sharp bayonet attachment.

Covenant Energy Sword

Length: 3 feet.
Initially thought to be purely ceremonial. Few have been seen in combat, but they are invariably carried by high-ranking Elites. We don’t understand how it functions, but it cuts through any armor with ease. Press B for regular melee attack and pull Right trigger for basic undercut attack. Or wait until reticle turns red to lock on an enemy, then pull Right trigger to perform a fatal lunge attack.

Fuel Rod Gun

Ammo Capacity: 5 rounds per clip.
Launching highly radioactive fuel rod projectiles, weapon is effective against both vehicles and personnel. Weapon is bulky, heavy and carries five fuel rods per clip. Single 2X level of magnification.

Plasma Grenade

Radius: 30 feet.
Using unknown technology that can apparently differentiate between strategic targets and non-threatening surfaces, this grenade, when thrown accurately, adheres to combatant or vehicle, but not to a wall. Threesecond fuse is activated as soon as grenade comes to rest either on ground or stuck to intended target.

UNSC Ground Transport[edit]

The section about UNSC vehicles covers both the M12 Warthog LRV and the M12G1 Warthog LAAV "Gauss Warthog" as well as the Scorpion Tank. This section also explains boarding.


Although much of our spaceborne weaponry has been eliminated or disabled, the Covenant has ignored most of our land-based moveable systems. We believe this to be a tactical mistake on their part. Since their intention seems to be the capture, rather than destruction of Earth, they will have to fight on our terms at ground level.

M12 Warthog LRV

CREW: 1+1 (plus one more in rear)
Weight: 3.25 tons
Armament: 12.7mm three-barreled machine gun
Light reconnaissance vehicle (LRV), a proven and reliable standard UNSC vehicle. Also unofficially known as “Warthog,” LRV is equipped with powerful machine gun. Maneuverable and excellent in any terrain, Warthog relies on superb traction and updated braking system. To power-slide, pull the Left trigger for the E-brake.

M12G1 Warthog LAAV

CREW: 1+1 (plus one more in rear)
Weight: 3.5 tons
Armament: 25mm Gauss Cannon
Light anti-armor vehicle (LAAV) identical in every respect to other Warthog variants, except for turret-mounted Gauss Cannon.

M808B Scorpion MBT

CREW: 1 Human (neural interface required) or single cyborg pilot
Weight: 66 tons
Main gun: 90mm high velocity shell
Secondary/coaxial gun: 7.62mm AP-T (Armor Piercing Tracer)
Although Scorpion Main Battle Tank’s primary role is as anti-vehicle platform, its effectiveness against Covenant infantry makes it a useful anti-personnel weapon, too. Ceramic-titanium armor makes it almost invulnerable to small-arms fire. Vehicle has single-pilot cockpit, but in emergencies can transport four additional infantrymen on “jumpseat” platforms.

Intel on Covenant Vehicles[edit]

The Covenant vehicle section contains information on the Ghost, the Spectre, the Wraith, and the Banshee.


The Covenant has deployed a huge ground fleet, presumably with the intention of speeding its incursion into populated human areas. Until we know more about their intentions, we must assume that this is an occupying force, although they will kill any human, civilian or military that they encounter.


Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
Armament: Twin Plasma Cannons(100-250 kW range)
Standard reconnaissance and rapid attack vehicle, deployed by Covenant in all ground combat. Usually, but not always piloted by Elites, is highly maneuverable and fires twin bolts of superheated plasma in 100-250 kW range. Vehicle is also capable of sustained bursts of speed, although cannot fire and appears to be less maneuverable at such speeds. Pull Left trigger to boost speed. Possible that it uses energy from weapons systems to achieve speed increase.


Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
Armament: Two Plasma Cannons
Secondary Weapon System: Fuel Rod Cannon
Fast and maneuverable, a formidable aerial assault vehicle. Well shielded against small arms fire, Banshee can be crippled or destroyed by heavier weapons. Fuel rod cannon makes it a dangerous bomber as well as fast fighter. Banshee has been observed barrel-rolling and looping in turns and arcs that would be impossible with conventional aerodynamics.


Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
Armament: Plasma Mortar & 2 Auto-firing Plasma Cannons
Slow, bulky, and presenting a huge target, is nonetheless Covenant’s most destructive mobile armor. Huge bulk is well shielded; covering fire it provides from massive Plasma Mortar makes it an inestimably dangerous foe. Piloted by a single occupant, who controls all vehicle and weapons systems, also features limited boost system for enhanced maneuverability.


CREW: 1 + 1 gunner (+ 2 riders)
Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
Armament: Plasma Cannons
Multi-troop armored transport is small and maneuverable and while slow, can move with ease in confined spaces. Main weaknesses are lack of speed and acceleration, and that occupants are fairly exposed. Rear-mounted plasma cannon is dangerous, and vehicle provides multiple firing positions.


CREW: 2+8
Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
Armament: Plasma Cannons
Covenant’s main mode of moving large numbers of troops around on land. Can hold driver, gunner, and up to 8 occupants, depending on species of Covenant. Seems to be outfitted to carry Elites, Brutes, Grunts, and Jackals. Equipped with plasma cannon, but main purpose is to deploy infantry.


This tells you how to customize your player profile, change your control layout, and even change the game variants.

Multiplayer Basics[edit]

This goes over how to do multiplayer stuff. Like Split Screen, System Link, Xbox live. And explains game Lobbies.

This section also goes into game types, maps, the multiplayer HUD.

Xbox Live[edit]

This section explains Xbox live. And how to do multiplayer stuff on it.

Gaming with Friends![edit]

Explains how to play games with people you meet online. With a friends list, Party, or Clans.

Multiplayer Strategy[edit]

This section goes over how to win some games.


This area explains Bungie.Net and how it links up with Halo 2.


This section goes over who made Halo 2.


This section goes over the legal stuff you should know if something goes wrong.

Technical Support[edit]

This section goes over what support is available for you.


This has the basic controls on how to play the game.

Halo 2 Limited Collectors' Edition[edit]

The Halo 2 Limited Collectors' Edition features an instruction manual that differs from the one that comes with the normal edition, as it is presented in the Covenant point of view. Comments on Covenant and UNSC weapons differ, too, as does the layout and color scheme. The Limited Collectors' Edition also ships with the Conversations from the Universe booklet.


The Halo 2 PC port version of the manual sports a blue design while the Xbox version of the manual sports an Orange design.

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