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This article is about the ODST unit. For the arcade game, see Halo: Fireteam Raven.
Fireteam Raven
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Destroyed on September 22, 2552[1]





4 operators




Battle of Installation 04


Ethan Graves


Fireteam Raven was a United Nations Space Command Orbital Drop Shock Troopers unit stationed aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn that actively participated in the Battle of Installation 04.[1][2]

Squad roster[edit]


A render of Fireteam Raven, as they appear in Halo: Fireteam Raven.
Left to right: Hudson, Graves, Ramos and Lang.

Battle of Installation 04[edit]

Main article: Battle of Installation 04

During the opening actions of the battle above Halo, Major Antonio Silva tasked Fireteam Raven with the defense of the Autumn against the Covenant boarders until all surviving personnel were safely evacuated. The ODSTs aided the Marines in their defense of the ship, fighting their way through the vessel's compromised corridors. During the battle, the team was charged with restoring power to the Autumn's point-defense guns, which they then used to fight off several waves of Ru'swum-pattern Phantoms and Elsedda-pattern Banshees. The fireteam then resumed their assault on the boarders until being given the order to evacuate the cruiser before Captain Jacob Keyes crashed it onto Halo. The team boarded their M8900 drop pods and made landfall just as the Autumn entered the ring's artificial atmosphere.[4][1]

Fireteam Raven then regrouped with the surviving UNSC forces on the surface, whereupon a massive ground assault was launched against Covenant forces swarming the crash site, with the goal of securing any remaining supplies or survivors on the crippled warship. The team received an M12 Chaingun Warthog with which they held off several Wraiths and repeated air assaults while they cleared a path towards the Autumn. Despite heavy losses to the surviving ground forces, Fireteam Raven completed their objective and the Autumn's survivors all made way for Alpha Base.[5][1]

In the days that followed, the Covenant discovered Alpha Base and a massive battle for control of the region ensued. Fireteam Raven took part in the defense, eventually forcing the Covenant to abandon the attack. The team then boarded a UH-144 Falcon to assist in operations to secure Halo's Control Room.[6] While en route, the team was informed of the discovery of an unknown enemy by the Covenant elsewhere on the ring, and the fireteam was confronted by a fast-spreading outbreak of infected humans and Covenant. A three-way battle broke out as Raven tried to relieve the few Marines still holding their ground against the enemy, but the Flood proved too numerous to contain. With the Covenant fast-advancing, Raven was forced to abandon the area, with their Falcon sustaining serious damage as it retreated from the valley.[1][7]

Raven's Falcon eventually crash-landed near an unknown Forerunner installation already overrun with Flood. With no options remaining, Fireteam Raven was forced to seek cover inside the structure until an evacuating Pelican could arrive to extract. After disposing of a force of Flood Juggernauts, Raven took position to clear the skies so that their Pelican could touch down.[8] Upon successfully evacuating, Raven was informed of Master Chief's intent to detonate the Autumn's fusion reactors to destroy Halo and with it, all the Flood and Covenant who remained on it. A last-ditch assault by the few surviving UNSC forces was launched to keep the Covenant at bay until the Chief could complete his task. During the battle, a Deutoros-pattern Scarab arrived on-site and attempted to intercept the Master Chief upon his descent to the Autumn. Fireteam Raven was tasked with its destruction, but Flood forces soon descended onto the site and forced Raven to break off from the main force and pursue in a Falcon. Raven boarded the Scarab and wiped out its complement of personnel before sabotaging its reactor, destroying the Scarab and buying the Chief the time that he needed to escape.[1]

Fireteam Raven survived the blast, but with no hope of safe extraction before the Autumn's reactor core detonated, they prepared for one final stand against the incoming Flood. All members of Fireteam Raven were lost when Installation 04 was destroyed in the resulting blast, securing humanity's survival for some time more.[1][9][2]

Production notes[edit]

In the press kit released by 343 Industries to promote Fireteam Raven, all of the ODSTs of the team are referred to as Spartans in all renders - even including Major Silva. This may indicate that, alongside the team's non-standard name and branding, they may have originally been concieved as a Spartan fireteam similar to teams such as Fireteam Crimson or Fireteam Osiris.[10]

The armors worn by Fireteam Raven are variations upon the ODST armor. In 2021, the four sets were introduced into Halo 3 multiplayer in Halo: The Master Chief Collection as a useable series of armor permutations, in the eponymously-titled Series 6: Raven. The update also added several Fireteam Raven-themed player customization options, including nameplates as well as skins for weapons and vehicles.


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