Last Stand (Halo: Fireteam Raven level)

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Last Stand
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Halo: Fireteam Raven


Fireteam Raven


September 22, 2552[1]


UNSC Pillar of Autumn crash site


Prevent Covenant forces from assaulting the Autumn


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Last Stand is the sixth and final level of Halo: Fireteam Raven. The level takes place concurrently with the Halo: Combat Evolved mission, The Maw.


Fireteam Raven find themselves out from the Pillar of Autumn's crash site. Deploying in an M12 Warthog, the ODSTs succesfully blunt the Covenant advance, even taking down a Deutoros-pattern Scarab. Ultimately, however, the team are wiped out.[1]


The mission begins with a D77-TC Pelican flying through a desert canyon.

  • Wellsley: All forces are converging on the crash site.

the Camera cuts to inside the Pelican, showing Fireteam Raven gathered around Wellsley's hologram.

  • Ethan Graves: You heard him, this is a one-way mission. We need to defend the Autumn at all costs.
  • Pilot: Approaching the drop zone, Raven. Prepare to engage!

The Pelican drops an M12 Warthog carrying the Fireteam. The camera transitions to gameplay, with the players manning the vehicle's M41 Vulcan. They are immediately engaged by several Karo'etba-pattern Ghosts as the Pelican flies away. In the distance, the downed UNSC Pillar of Autumn can be seen looming over a cliff. The Ghosts make way for Type-26 Banshees and Muz-pattern Wraiths. Further away, a Deutoros-pattern Scarab can be observed. Raven continue engaging Covenant vehicles, while they make their way towards the Scarab. Two Ru'swum-pattern Phantoms attack the Warthog, but are destroyed as the squad reaches the Scarab. The Scarab fires its focus cannon at the Warthog, before turning its anti-air gun to fire at a Banshee in the distance. The camera zooms in on the Banshee in question.

  • Wellsley: Don't shoot that Banshee, Raven. That's the Master Chief. We need to stop the Scarab from getting to the Pillar of Autumn.

The Scarab turns around and begins pursuing the Banshee carrying John-117, leaving several Banshees to engage the players. Turning around, two more Warthogs, two UH-144 Falcons and a Pelican join the battle, pursued by Wraiths and Phantoms. Upon destruction, one Phantom crashes into the Warthog containing Fireteam Raven, ejecting them from the vehicle just in time to see it get crushed as the Scarab steps on it. Covenant infantry begin to swarm the squad as they equip their MA5B assault rifles. The Marines manning the other Warthogs get out of their vehicles to assist, leaving their gunners mounted to continue firing. More Banshees join the engagement, killing several Marines and the two remaining Warthogs and flying under the Scarab. Raven pick up Type-33 needlers from a Grunt corpse as four Falcons and two Pelicans begin to engage the Scarab. The Scarab fires at nearby Warthog wreckage, sending it flying towards Raven, revealing a horde of Flood combat forms. Raven pick up a Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifle from an infected Sangheili, as more Warthogs arrive to reinforce Raven. Six Warthogs begin to engage three Flood Juggernauts, though all are killed by another Scarab blast. Two more Juggernaughts emerge, followed by Yanme'e. A Falcon descends from above, with its mounted M460 automatic grenade launchers firing, while another one has M247H machine guns. As more Falcons arrive to conduct close air support, one is shot down by the Scarab focus cannon, and Flood carrier forms begin swarming Raven. Three Pelicans fly overhead, though one is shot down by two Phantoms, crashing to the ground.

  • Wellsley: This is it, Raven. You must stop that Scarab at any cost. It cannot be allowed to interrupt the Master Chief's mission.

A Falcon descends and Raven board it, manning the M460 grenade launchers on the side. A swath of both Covenant and Flood infantry can be seen on the ground, engaging one another and the Falcon. As the Falcon flies past the Scarab, Raven fire down upon the walker's crew, eventually damaging the Scarab's leg joint. The Scarab attempts to fire its focus cannon but misses, with the secondary cannon firing at the Falcon while Raven fire back. The Falcon is damaged and begins to descend, allowing Raven to jump down onto the Scarab's deck with M90 shotguns. Raven clear the bottom deck of crew before switching to MA5B assault rifles. Several Banshees begin to hover next to the Scarab to try and kill Raven, before two Hunters emerge from the back of the Scarab. Finally, Raven are able to make it to the core of the Scarab, and pour their fire into the walker's core. The explosion destroys the walker and knocks Raven to the ground. As the group lie on the ground, dozens more Flood forms surround them.

  • Graves: Raven, it's been a pleasure serving with you. It's up to you now, Chief. You're all that's left.

The camera cuts to above the Pillar of Autumn, as several explosions rock the ship. A massive fireball emerges, covering the surrounding area and eventually the entire Halo ring itself. The ring breaks apart, and the game ends.


The track Advent from the Halo 5: Guardians Original Soundtrack plays during this mission.



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