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Halo: Fireteam Raven


Fireteam Raven


September 19, 2552[1]


Aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn


Repel Covenant boarders


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Escape is the first campaign mission of Halo: Fireteam Raven. The mission is set on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn concurrently with the Halo: Combat Evolved mission The Pillar of Autumn.


The UNSC Pillar of Autumn has exited slipspace near a mysterious structure and has been engaged by the forces of the Covenant Fleet of Particular Justice. Fireteam Raven are tasked by Major Antonio Silva to repel Covenant boarders aboard the Pillar of Autumn. The team then escape the ship via SOEIV pod.[1]


Graves and Lang in the briefing room.

The Pillar of Autumn is shown flying towards Installation 04. As the camera pans right, six Ket-pattern battlecruisers of the Fleet of Particular Justice can be seen in the distance facing the Autumn.

  • Major Silva: How much time do we have, Wellsley?
  • Wellsley: Approximately one minute, Major Silva.

Camera cuts to the interior drop pod bay of the ship. Major Silva and Fireteam Raven are stood around a holo-table displaying the Autumn, Covenant fleet, ringworld and Wellsley's avatar.

  • Wellsley (cont.): ..until the Covenant forces board our ship.
  • Silva: Do you have our orders?
  • Wellsley: Captain Keyes is placing the Pillar of Autumn in combat alert alpha. All shock troop battalions are required to defend the ship from invading parties.
Fireteam Raven readies for battle.
  • Silva: You heard it, Fireteam Raven! Gear up!
  • Silva: We need your team to be ready for anything the Covenant might throw at us.
  • Graves: It's payback time, ODST! Give 'em hell! Move out!

Camera switches to gameplay inside the corridors of the Pillar of Autumn. Players are equipped with an MA5B assault rifle and a M9 fragmentation grenade. The first door opens into a large room, and the players are immediately beset upon by two Sangheili Minors. UNSC Marines armed with assault rifles can be seen in the background fighting more Minors and Sangheili Majors.

The two elites are quickly dispatched, and the squad advances into the room. A marine to the left is killed by plasma fire, and the squad move to defend him, with three more Sangheili Minors attacking, while Unggoy flee. Another four Minors move to reinforce those already encountered as the players push forward.

The squad moves back towards the wounded marine in time to observe four Sangheili troops emerge onto the balcony above the squad. The corridors behind the aliens explode shortly after their death, rocking the ship and sending crates and bodies flying. The squad turn around again to encounter some Unggoy Minors, reinforced from behind by Kig-Yars wielding shields. Two unshielded Jackals jump down from the balcony above, with one jumping onto a wounded Marine and viciously attacking him. Following the dispatch of the Jackal troops, the players are met with two Suicide Unggoy, and an Elite Minor wielding an energy sword.

  • Wellsley (radio): Fireteam Raven, the point-defense guns are down. Find the control panel and bring them back online.
  • Graves: Move it! Move it!

Fireteam Raven and a fireteam of Marines move towards a bulkead separating the room they are in from the rest of the ship. As the Marines near the door, the door explodes, and the players knocked to the ground. While on the floor, the players engage four Sangheili who push in through the hole. The squad then pushes into the corridor behind, engaging two more Jackals and two fleeing Grunts. Another Sangheili Minor pushes through an opening blast door, with an Unggoy Heavy behind.

Once the Unggoy is dispatched, the next blast door opens, revealing the vacuum of space as a plasma blast hitting the Autumn decompresses one of the exterior rooms on the ship. Two dead Sangheili Minors, the previously-dispatched Unggoy and a lone Marine can be seen floating in microgravity. In the background, several Banshees can be seen in combat.

The control screen showing the M910 Rampart guns.
  • Wellsley: I've overridden the controls. Use these guns to hold off the Covenant fighters.

Fireteam Raven pushes past the bodies to the console and takes control of of the ship's M910 Rampart point defense network. The camera view switches to the ship's exterior as the players are granted infinite ammunition. The camera pans up past two Rampart cannons and focuses on the looming Covenant fleet. The players are immediately beset upon by several Elsedda-pattern Banshees, with several Morsam-pattern Seraphs entering the fray soon after. One Seraph eventually crashes into the Autumn, destroying the turrets and putting the players back in the shoes of Fireteam Raven. The suad immediately encounters three Sangheili Majors in the next airlock, before the room depressurizes and the squad scavenge plasma pistols off a dead Jackal in the next hallway. The players are then equipped with Plasma Pistols and plasma grenades.

The next room has a Kig-Yar Minor supporting a Sangheili and Unggoy Minor, all of which are dispatched. As the fireteam ascends the stairs, the players are fired upon by another Kig-Yar and some more grunts, though are soon ambushed from behind by a Sangheili Major wielding an energy sword. Behind the players, a squad of UNSC Marines can be seen falling back, with Sangheili aggressively pursuing them. The combined force of Fireteam Raven and the marines then push into corridors near the lifeboats, encountering more grunts and elites. By now, explosions are rocking the ship heavily, with bodies and crates sliding across the deck and fires breaking out. The squad pushes into another corridor blocked by an M72 Mobile Barrier. Climbing over it, they see John-117 engaging Sangheili troops before dragging a Marine into one of the lifepods. Fireteam Raven then dispatch the final Unggoy and Jackal of the corridor.

  • Wellsley: Fireteam Raven, I suggest you get to the drop pods. Captain Keyes is about the crash-land the Autumn into the ring.

As Fireteam Raven begin to make their way back towards the drop bay, they are again set upon by Sangheili and Unggoy. They come across a JW Armory Storage Cabinet stocking several M90 shotguns, which are picked up and equipped alongside the frag grenade. The squad find themselves in the first room they entered in gameplay, now largely destroyed due to damage taken by the ship. The squad engage Covenant on the balconies, before jumping down onto the ground level and fighting through a mob of enemies, eventually finding themselves face to face with two Ultra Sangheili. The players turn around to see another large group of Covenant advancing from behind, and begin retreating to their drop pod bay, with the blast doors closing on the remaining troops and the mission ending. The camera cuts to the holotable once again, with Fireteam Raven running across the bay.

The ship burning up in the Installation's atmosphere.

  • Graves: Let's get to those drop pods and make landfall before the Autumn does!

The squad enters their M8900 drop pods, and the camera shows the pods deploying as the Autumn begins to burn up in Installation 04's atmosphere. The drop pods land in a desert section of the ring in time to see the Pillar of Autumn flying overhead, and the mission ends.


The track Sentry Battle from the Halo 5: Guardians Original Soundtrack can be heard throughout this mission.



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