M72 Mobile Barrier

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The M72 Mobile Barrier is a line of combat barrier that was used by the United Nations Space Command during their war with the Covenant.[1]


The M72 MB-L

M72 Mobile Barrier-Large[edit]

The M72 MB-L is a heavily armored mobile protection shield that was used in both terrestrial and shipboard security roles. Drop-down travel wheels and steering lever allow the shield to be moved by a single individual on flat terrain, or allow it to be towed by a utility vehicle.[1]

M72 Mobile Barrier-Small[edit]

The M72 MB-S

Widely used by Unified Earth Government and UNSC security forces, the M72 MB-S is a one-man bunker that marked the site of many last stands in the closing days of the Covenant War. As with the MB-L model, drop-down travel wheels allow the shield to be repositioned with minimal effort.[1]


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