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The Academy at Mare Nubium, more commonly known as Luna OCS Academy, is an Officer Candidate School of the United Nations Space Command in Newton County, Mare Nubium on Luna. The academy is the Sol system's oldest UNSC officer candidate school.[1] The Board of Inquiry was an investigation panel at the school, consisting of officers of the UNSC Judge Advocate General's Corps. The Rutherford Science Magistrate is a school of science at the OCS.[2]


The Academy itself was connected to a civilian settlement known as Asimov Center via a series of tunnels and surface tubes. These tubes would often need to be guarded against civilian incursions onto academy grounds, and vice versa.[3]


In 2492, a scandal at the academy occurred involving the overnight disappearances of Inna Volkov, the daughter of Admiral Konrad Volkov, from officers' family quarters on base and sightings of her in the company of a young man, which eventually culminated to the impregnation of Inna. In response, six OCS cadets were brought before the school's Board of Inquiry to testify, including Preston Cole. Though Cole was not found guilty of any wrongdoing, he married Inna two months later to end the incident.[4]

In 2508, Harper Garvin would give a lecture at the academy on quelling planetary Insurrectionists.[5]

Around 2523, Nelly Hamm graduated from Luna OCS, coming first in her class.[6]

In 2541, Miranda Keyes became the second-youngest student, at age sixteen, to be accepted into the academy's pre-enlistment training.[1]

In 2553, during an operation on Neos Atlantis, Olivia-G291 assumed the identity of "Lieutenant Bati", a Luna OCS graduate.[7]




Name Graduation Notes Citation
Dominique Between 2525-2552 [9]
Parkins After 2492 [2]
Haverton After 2492 [2]
Tasov After 2492 [2]
Miranda Keyes Between 2541-2552 Second youngest cadet accepted into the academy. [1]
Preston Cole 2493 One of the accused cadets in the Inna Volkov scandal. [2]
William Lovell Pre-2547 Graduated after only two years due to heroic actions. [10]
Esme Guayte Pre-2526 [11]
Lim Jinwoo Pre-2526 [11]
Nelly Hamm Pre-2526 [6]

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