Ivan Cole

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Ivan Cole
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Asimov Center, Newton, Luna


December 12, 2492

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Son of Preston Cole


Ivan Troy Cole was the first child of Inna Volkov, the first wife of Preston J. Cole.

Ivan Cole was born in the aftermath of a public scandal at the Academy at Mare Nubium on Luna in 2492. Inna Volkov, daughter of Admiral Konrad Volkov, had become pregnant after she had disappeared overnight from family officers' quarters and was seen in the company of an unidentified young man. A JAG Board of Inquiry was convened to investigate the matter, and six cadets including Crewman Apprentice Preston Cole were brought before it. The hearings ultimately proved inconclusive; however, Preston Cole married Inna Volkov with her father's approval shortly thereafter.[1]

Ivan was born on December 12, 2492 at 0445 hours in Asimov Center, Newton County. On his birth certificate, issued by the State of Mare Nubium Department of Health, his father was listed as Preston Cole. However, classified DNA analysis of Ivan later demonstrated that he was not genetically related to Preston, leaving his biological father unknown. Nevertheless, Preston Cole treated Ivan equally to his other children despite any questions about his parentage.[1]

Ivan had three younger siblings, two brothers and a sister. Because of the Insurrection, he saw very little of his father, which lead to his mother's eventual divorce. His father continued to write letters to the family, but never received a response from any of the children, possibly because Inna was burning the letters.[1]


Ivan's birth certificate was Certificate No. 4216. In accord with HRS 550-45(b), it could serve as prima facie evidence of the fact of his birth in any court proceeding.[1]

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