UNSC Engineering Corps

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AN SPI-clad Spartan in the Halo Infinite main menu. Screenshot provided by Idio.
A Mirage-clad Spartan in front of an ENGCORP communications device at the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science.

UNSC Engineering Corps (ENGCORP) is a branch of the United Nations Space Command. Their responsibilities include various tasks related to science and engineering, such as surveying viable planets for colonization or terraforming.[1] Engineers from ENGCORP visit these planets, and make field reports documenting features of the planet, suitability for colonization, and other details that would be necessary for a possible colonization. These reports are then published for command to give the "O.K." signal. The Engineering Corps is credited for discovering Onyx, the planet that housed the training for the Spartan-IIIs and which eventually turned out to be an artificial world constructed by the Forerunners to house a massive shield world.

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