UNSC Army Corps of Engineers

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UNSC Army Corps of Engineers
HE18 Tanaka DMR.jpg
Holly Tanaka as a member of the 412th Engineer Command.


United Nations Space Command




At least one command unit


"Not sure how much combat she's seen in the Engineer Corps…"
— An Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, referring to Sergeant Holly Tanaka[1]

The UNSC Army Corps of Engineers[2] is a command of the UNSC Army, conducting engineering operations for the branch. One unit of the Corps of Engineers is the 412th Engineer Command.[1] Personnel of the Corps of Engineers are trained in cutting edge United Nations Space Command technology and in reverse-engineering Forerunner and Covenant technology.[2]

An equivalent command exists in the UNSC Marine Corps; the Marine Corps of Engineers.


Following the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC Army Corps of Engineers participated in numerous conflicts against remnant factions of the Covenant. Sergeant Holly Tanaka served in the Army Corps of Engineering before enlisting in the SPARTAN-IV program in early 2557.[2] During her time in the Corps of Engineers, in 2555, Tanaka participated in a joint-service exercise on Mars to simulate a second Covenant invasion in the Sol system.[3] In 2556, part of the 412th Engineer Command, including Tanaka, was stationed aboard Paris-class heavy frigate UNSC Cascadia during its mission to Cleyell.[1]

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