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412th Engineer Command


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The 412th Engineer Command[Note 1] is an engineering unit of the UNSC Army Corps of Engineers established sometime before 2556.[1] The command conducts civil and combat engineering roles in support of United Nations Space Command operations in the conflicts following the end of the Human-Covenant War.[1] Holly Tanaka served with the 412th as a sergeant in 2556 before transferring to Spartan Operations.[1][2]


The 412th Engineer Command exists in the modern day United States Army as a theatre-level reserve component. It's likely that the 412th Engineer Command in United Nations Space Command service carries over the original American unit's name and lineage as with many other units.

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  1. ^ The unit was named as the 414th Engineer Command in Halo: Escalation issue 18 for Holly Tanaka's current assignment. This is in contradiction of a mention in the previous issue of her being in the 412th. It is presumed to be an error, since Halo 5: Guardians once again mentions the "412th Engineering Command" in Tanaka's biography.