Unified Special Warfare Command

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Warfighters of 3 Charlie, one of the UNSC Army operating units working under UNISPECWARCOM Group Three.

Unified Special Warfare Command (USW[1] or UNISPECWARCOM) often simplified as Special Warfare Command (SPECWARCOM), is a special forces division under the authority of Unified Ground Command.[2][3] It maintains oversight of special operations carried out by the UNSC Army,[4] alongside the ability to provide tactical oversight of personnel deployments in the Spartan Operations division (something shared with NAVSPECWARCOM).[2]

Given UNICOM's authority over the UNSC Marine Corps on the whole,[5] it is possible that USW also oversees Marine special force units apart from the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, who fall under NAVSPECWAR's authority.

Known units[edit]

Within the UNSC Army, UNISPECWARCOM is divided into a number of "Special Warfare Groups", with at least three such units in existence. Each Special Warfare Group is commanded by a Colonel, with a strength likely equivalent to a brigade. Overall, USW has the strength of a division.[3]

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