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The ancient ship recovered by ONI.

ONI XENO-MATERIALS EXPLOITATION REPORT 15Y1198 was an artifact report based on one derelict ancient human vessel at Site Yankee-002-G3 discovered by the Office of Naval Intelligence. The Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group examined the artifact and assessed its tactical capabilities. Their report recommended that further analysis of the ship should be immediately assigned to Project ARC DREAM and noted that investigation of its weaponry was already underway by a team on AZURE MOON.[1]

Report 15Y1198[edit]

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Reconstructed from artifact located at Site Yankee-002-G3, the discovered vessel does not conform to any known alien design. Damage patterns on the original hulk were consistent with Tier 1 high-energy and tractor-pressor weapons, but there is no evidence of FSC infiltration or signature cryptostructures which are common signs of ZETA debitage. Our assessment is that the vessel is archaeohomina in origin, and further analysis should be immediately assigned to Project: ARC DREAM.
TACTICAL ASSESSMENT: Full simulation of tactical capabilities is ongoing, but initial simulation of primary weapon systems indicates that offensive mechanisms are a high probability match for weapons translated as "fibril cutters" in Forerunner records. Further investigation of this line of information has been assigned to the team on AZURE MOON. Other systems appear to be a variation of particle beam accelerators, though the science team believes this to be superficially homologous.


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