Fathom Station

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Fathom Station
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Facility information


Aleutian Rim, Beta Gabriel[1]


Research facility


At least sixty-four researchers[1]

Historical information





Controlled by:

Office of Naval Intelligence[1]


Fathom Station, also known as UNSC Fathom,[2] is an underwater research facility constructed by the Imbrium Machine Complex for use by the United Nations Space Command located along the Aleutian Rim in the Cortez Ocean on the human Inner Colony Beta Gabriel. With operation's conducted by the Office of Naval Intelligence's Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group, Fathom was designed to search for Covenant weapon plans located aboard the carrier Splendid Intention, which had crashed nearby.[1] The station features docked submarines.[3]


Funded by the UNSC Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence and designed by the Imbrium Machine Complex in 2554,[1] Fathom Station was designed to locate the crash sites of Splendid Intention and UNSC Of Uncommon Courage, two ships that crashed in the sea during the Human-Covenant War; the staff of Fathom had the intent of rediscovering the valuable weapon plans carried by the Covenant carrier, weapons that would render the energy projector obsolete.[3]

Though the station's operations were unhindered for years and the location of Splendid Intention was discovered, the crew of Fathom were largely unsuccessful in their search for the Covenant carrier's weapon plans. However, during a routine search conducted by twenty-three explorers in 2556, Splendid Intention suddenly shifted from its resting place in the Aleutian Rim and violently slid down a nearby trench, sending debris and water into Fathom Station's northern terminal. The complex was torn apart and forty-one researchers were killed in the incident. Splendid Intention and the twenty-three explorers trapped inside the carrier were lost, and operations at Fathom Station did not continue.[1]

Crew and submarines[edit]

Onboard the research station before it was lost was at least 5 divers.

  • Edwards
  • Strong
  • Stone
  • Lewis
  • One unnamed diver

As one point the submarine SS Murrill was docked onto Fathom Station before it was lost.


Fathom Station is the setting of the multiplayer map Fathom in Halo 5: Guardians.[3]


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