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UNSC Sparrow
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Battle of Meridian




The UNSC Sparrow is a UNSC cruiser that was active during the Human-Covenant War.

Service history[edit]

In 2548, the Sparrow participated in the Battle of Meridian. After escaping from the Outer Colony aboard an old Prowler, Dorian Nguyen made contact with the UNSC who directed him to dock with the Sparrow. The survivors of Brume-sur-Mer disembarked aboard the cruiser where the refugees were spread out over four barracks on the ship.

Over the next two days, a memorial to those who didn't survive from Brume-sur-Mer was created in the corridor linking the refugee barracks as the names of those who were lost came in. After Spartan-III Owen-B096 recovered from his injuries, ONI Captain Daniela Dellatorre met with Dorian, Victor Gallardo, Evelyn Rousseau and Saskia Nazari in one of the ship's conference rooms to request that they go back to Meridian and help ONI with the Forerunner artifact the Covenant were trying to recover there which the four teens ultimately agreed to.[1]

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