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Sundered Legion Prowler
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This prowler was presumably stolen by the Sundered Legion from the Office of Naval Intelligence at some point during the Insurrection. After the fall of the Sundered Legion it was left abandoned and forgotten in a hanger on Meridian near Brume-sur-Mer.

Design details[edit]

The Prowler is described as being an enormous vessel dozens of meters in length and almost completely filling the hanger it was docked inside of. The nose was rounded and tapered towards the rear where there were four engines at its tail. The ship was hunched over like an old man, wings jutting out at its sides with an exaggerated set on its tail. It was capable of carrying hundreds of passengers.[1] The ship possessed a holographic ignition and a DNA lock on its systems. While programed for members of the Sundered Legion, at least after being abandoned for half a century or more, the DNA of the presumed great-grandson of one of the Legion's members was a close enough match for the Prowler to identify him as his ancestor and grant him access. However, when the ship detected a Spartan-III in the cockpit, presumably from the energy signature in his armor, it immediately activated a self-destruct designed to keep the ship out of enemy hands which required another DNA scan to be overridden. Once the Prowler's systems were unlocked, it could be used with a copilot not in the system as long as the ship didn't register them as a threat. Dorian Nguyen believed that the DNA lock was only on the ship's activation screen and not on the controls themselves. Like other Prowlers, the ship possessed a stealth mode, infrared sensors and weapons systems. On the bottom of the cockpit, the ship possessed a view window that allowed the user some capacity to zoom in on what they were observing.[2] The Prowler's missiles were powerful enough to damage a Covenant Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette and force it into retreating.[3]

Service history[edit]


At some point, the Prowler was presumably stolen from the Office of Naval Intelligence by the Sundered Legion Insurrectionist faction based on Meridian. The Legion presumably used the Prowler in various operations and installed a DNA lock on it so that only their members could access the ship's systems, including Quinn Butain.

Following the fall of the Legion, the Prowler was left abandoned and forgotten in a Sundered Legion hanger near Brume-sur-Mer. It remained there for fifty years or more, apparently without the townspeople ever knowing of its existence.[1][2]

Battle of Meridian[edit]

Main article: Battle of Meridian

In 2548, during the Covenant invasion of Brume-sur-Mer, Saskia Nazari and Victor Gallardo stumbled across the old hanger containing the Prowler. As her parents worked for the company that designed the keypad outside the hanger, Saskia managed to get them in using an override code where they discovered the old Prowler. Though surprised by the discovery and the fact that it was connected to the long-gone Sundered Legion, Victor and Saskia realized that the ship could be used to transport the Brume-sur-Mur survivors to safety and reported back on their discovery.[4]

Saskia later led Spartan-III Owen-B096 and Dorian Nguyen back to the hanger with Dorian, who was a pilot, believing that he could potentially fly the ship. The Prowler's DNA lock identified Dorian as Quinn Butain, his presumed great-grandfather, and granted him access to the ship's systems. However, when Owen leaned into the cockpit, the ship detected the Spartan and activated its self-destruct before Dorian accidentally hit the control panel while Owen was dragging him out and his DNA allowed him to override the system. Owen then had Dorian, with Saskia as his copilot, use the Prowler to perform reconnaissance on the town and the bomb shelter where the survivors were holed up. With Saskia's help, Dorian managed to figure out how to activate the Prowler's stealth mode to avoid the Covenant ground troops and the Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette hovering over the town. Using the Prowler's view window, the two were able to check out the Covenant positions and drill site as well as discover a safe entrance to use to get into the shelter. Unable to land near the shelter entrance, Dorian returned the ship to the hanger.[2]

After rescuing the townspeople from the shelter, Saskia and Evelyn Rousseau directed them to the hanger in order to use the ship to get the survivors off of Meridian.[5][6] After being rescued from Brume Beach by Evie, Dorian fired up the ship and opened the back hatchway for everyone to board. With dozens upon dozens of advancing Covenant troops approaching the hanger, Dorian managed to use one of the Prowler's missiles to take them out while the survivors finished boarding. Activating the stealth mode, Dorian dodged an approaching Banshee, but the corvette fired on the Prowler as it tried to escape the atmosphere, causing minimal damage and presumably firing blind as it knew they were there but couldn't see them. At Dorian's instruction, Victor used the Prowler's missiles to return fire on the corvette, eventually damaging the Covenant ship enough to force it to retreat. With Evie helping to control the throttle, Dorian connected with the military channel Owen had previously identified for him and made contact with friendly forces.[3] Flying through the naval battle around Meridian, the Prowler was able to dock with the UNSC cruiser UNSC Sparrow which took the survivors to safety.[7]

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