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A mortar is a class of weapon that fires a projectile in an arc-like fashion at a target.[1][2] This arc allows mortars to fire over obstacles that may stop normal weapons.[3] A mortar is also a classic indirect-fire weapon, and is generally used to support ground troops from a distance.[4]

Some weapons, while not technically designated as mortar weapons, are utilized like mortars. Fuel rod guns, especially the Zasqi-pattern fuel rod gun, are treated like man-portable, shoulder-mounted defensive mortars, because they are capable of arcing fuel rods from a great distance away.[5] The Chwich-pattern Saker is armed with the heavy plasma cannon, but it was repurposed as a plasma mortar by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant following the Human-Covenant War.[6] Jiralhanae Warlords are known to hold Scrap Cannons at an upwards angle to arc the cannon's explosive rounds over obstacles.[7]

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