H-295 target designator

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This article is about the Halo 4 variant. For the Halo: Reach variant, see H-165 Forward Observer Module.
H-295 target designator
Production overview


Misriah Armory


Target designator



12 inches (30 cm)[1]


7.2 inches (18 cm)[1]


18.9 inches (48 cm)[1]

Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


The H-295 Forward Observer Module is a target designator used by the United Nations Space Command.[2] It is likely a successor to the H-165 Forward Observer Module used during the Human-Covenant War.


The H-295 target designator is a secure-linked forward observer module that can perform firing acquisitions on any selected targets, calling in close-fire support. This support can come in a variety of forms depending on the area of operation and the proximity of the target.[2] It is used to destroy enemy vehicles, vessels, and certain mission-specific objectives using available resources such as ship-mounted Magnetic Accelerator Cannons and the M510 Mammoth's dorsal mini-MAC.[3] During the initial stages of the Battle of Requiem, it was used to destroy the Forerunner gravity well generators that kept UNSC Infinity pinned down inside the shield world.[4]


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