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Auriga Station
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Auriga Station was a space station of Lethbridge Industrial used by the company as a research and development facility.[1]


Commissioned by Lethbridge Industrial in 2555, Auriga Station was used by the corporation as one of its primary research and development facilities. Staffed with human and artificial intelligence researchers, the station worked to decrypt Covenant and Forerunner records in search of naval depots and resource caches.[1]

Equipped with the latest in United Nations Space Command fabrication systems and Sangheili-procured forges, Auriga Station was capable of carefully disassembling, analyzing, and rebuilding nearly any piece of recovered technology to aid in reverse-engineering efforts. It was this latter capability that brought the station to the attention of Cortana and her emerging Created. Examining Lethbridge Industrial's vast archives and easily bypassing their counter-cyberintrusion suites, Cortana quickly had the station's AIs aligned with her and removed the human crew. The Created now use the station to harvest, decompile, and rebuild new tools and weapons to be wielded by constructs advancing Cortana's plans across her expanding empire.[1]

Meanwhile, the UNSC has made plans to stop Cortana from utilizing the station: board Auriga Station with Spartan operatives, disable or steal the manufacturing systems on board, and wipe the AIs still bound to its holographic storage systems. In order to train for the raid, a perfect recreation of a critical area on Auriga Station's habitat ring has been constructed in War Games, codenamed "Torque".[1]



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