SL-5 Traxus Cargo Transporter

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SL-5 Traxus Cargo Transporter
An SL-5 Traxus Cargo Transporter on Launch Site.
Production information


Traxus Heavy Industries[1]

Product line:

SL line[1]

Technical specifications


One operator




The SL-5 Traxus Cargo Transporter is a forklift manufactured by Traxus Heavy Industries.[1]


Design details[edit]

The SL-5 series cargo transporter merges unparalleled ergonomics and maneuverability with high durability and reliable performance. It features a compact EV drivetrain that provides smooth acceleration along with a strong torque response and lifting performance, all the while maintaining travel dexterity in tight spaces. The SL-5 makes use of larger front wheels for increased stability when lifting cargo. A protective cage with red running light encases the operator's chair. The forklift features two carrying prongs with a maximum capacity between 1350 and 1900 kilograms.[1]


While not specifically intended for military use, United Nations Space Command forces made use of SL-5 cargo transporters in the years following the Human-Covenant War. At least one facility, known as Sabre Launchsite 2A, utilized several SL-5s and H9 mid-capacity haulers to transport cargo around the site.[2]


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