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A render of the Überchassis model, cropped from File:H2A-UberchassisCar-Render.jpg.
Technical specifications


One driver, four passengers[1]



Sports car[2]


The Überchassis, also known simply as the UC,[3] is a human luxury sports car billed as the "Quintessential Auto Experience", the Überchassis has widely been held as the standard-bearer for sport luxury vehicles.[2] It is considered one of the most beloved and well-engineered vehicles on the market.[4]


The Überchassis is popular among Earth and several of the Inner Colonies, with many being found in the city of Mombasa in 2552. Despite the claims of both vehicles' respective manufacturers, the Überchassis and MLX have similar capabilities.[3]


Consumers and transportation journalists argue that the Überchassis is unrivalled in terrestrial luxury performance.[4] The Überchassis seats five total with two front seats and a three-person bench seat in the back.[1] It routinely employs exotic drivetrain configurations and propulsion systems to stay on the cutting edge of transportation science.[2]


There are several trim models available.[4]

  • H2C - Powered by a unique Hydrogen core that generates up to 873 kw to all four wheels, with dynamic variable torque application. Also features gull-wing doors, augmented navigation displays, and adaptive environmental control.[4]


There is a reference to this car in the level, Terminal, when the male announcer says, "Will the owner of the brown Überchassis, license code P0-WND, please return to your vehicle."[5] On the license plate, it reads "P0-WND". This is a reference to "Pwned" or "owned", which is common gamer slang.


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