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"This won't be the end. There are more where I came from. We'll find you in your homes, at night, and kill you there. We won't stop until this world is ours, as it rightfully should be."
— Kincaide threatening ONI operatives[1]

Jason Kincaide was a well-known Insurrectionist that operated on Charybdis IX, often attempting to incite riots and arming dissatisfied citizens with modified Covenant weaponry.


Scyllion riots[edit]

By 2535, Kincaide was receiving modified Covenant weapon supplies from smuggler Peter Bonifacio. Kincaide distributed these weapons to the Insurrectionists and rioters in the capital city of Charybdis IX, Scyllion. The Office of Naval Intelligence operatives in Scyllion discovered a crate of the modified weapons meant for Kincaide and planned to use them to discover where the weapons are being distributed.[2] The ONI agents, pretending to be crew members of Bonifacio's ship, met with Kincaide and two of his men. Meanwhile, several rioters in the city were breaking into building's in the Scyllion Warehouse District. Captain Corinthia Hansen, the ONI agent talking to Kincaide, realized the rioters were coming there way, so she signalled for backup. Several agents exited the contained and arrested Kincaide and his men, while the insurgent swore and threatened to kill the ONI operatives in their sleep. He was soon knocked unconscious with a battle rifle and thrown into the container with his bodyguards.[1]

While attempting to flee the city with Kincaide, the ONI convoy was attacked by rebels armed with RPGs. After all vehicles were disabled, the surviving ONI operatives crawled out of the debris in front of angered rioters. Kincaide escaped the container and began to incite the mob.[3] Realizing that they were ONI agents, Kincaide ordered the rioters to hunt down the survivors and he would give them weapons. The ONI agents attempted to flee to the rooftop of a building, waiting for Pelican evac, as the rioters and Insurrectionists, led by Kincaide, followed. Kincaide attempted to kill the ONI agents with a modified Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifle, but missed.[4] However, right before they could be evacuated, the Pelican was destroyed by rebel RPG fire.[5]

Soon, both sides only fired warning shots at each other and Kincaide began to arm the rioters with modified Covenant weapons. While the three surviving ONI agents, Lieutenant Jacob Keyes, Major Akio Watanabe, and Captain Hansen, attempted to listen to what the rioters were saying, Kincaide and three rioters attacked the trio. Watanabe shot two of the men, but Kincaide thrust the final rioter into Watanabe, shooting them both multiple times with his modified plasma rifle, fatally wounding the ONI officer.[6]


"Damn UNSC pig...go back to Earth. You don't belong here."
— A dying Kincaide's last words to Lt. Keyes

After shooting Watanabe, Lieutenant Keyes pulled out his magnum and shot Kincaide in the shoulder, although he was aiming for the chest. The insurgent stumbled and attempted to lift the heavy plasma rifle up to shoot Keyes, but Kincaide was shot by Keyes in the chest and the stomach. Out of ammunition, Keyes tackled Kincaide and the two wrestled for control over the plasma rifle. Eventually, Keyes forced the rifle down, aiming it at Kincaide's feet. Keyes shot off Kincaide's left leg clean off his thigh, causing the rebel to push away from Keyes. Kincaide pulled out a small pistol and prepared to fire at Keyes, but Keyes fired the plasma rifle at Kincaide and blew off his head, instantly killing the man.[7] Keyes pushed the corpse of Kincaide into the rioting crowd below and warned them to disperse. Shortly after, Orbital Drop Shock Troopers arrived and killed the remaining rebels.[8]


Keyes would later remember killing Kincaide while he was being absorbed by a Flood Proto-Gravemind aboard the Truth and Reconciliation.[9]

Personality and traits[edit]

Jason Kincaide was described as a "mid-level sort of man", and was also quite ruthless, using a man as a shield against Watanabe, and shooting both of them. He was also very determined, as before he was killed, Kincaide had raised a pistol on Keyes, trying to kill him even though he had been shot several times.[7] Kincaide had a hatred of the UNSC and worked with dissatisfied citizens, often inciting riots among them and supplying them with weapons.[1]

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