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Pelican Training

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Pelican Training

Pelican Training is an Experience at Halo: Outpost Discovery.[1] In the experience, the attendees experience a ride in a D77-TC Pelican, Delta 331.


Step into the Pelican Training simulation, an interactive experience that gives you an opportunity to get hands-on with some of the UNSC’s most battle-hardened hardware through teamwork and deft decision-making.[1]

Detailed overview[edit]

Instructor video[edit]

When attendees are waiting near the experience, a video plays going over the experience itself. Below is a transcript of the video.

The instructor video starts off by showing Lieutenant Wilson introducing herself and giving a basic overview of the experience. Throughout the video, several clips of D77 Pelicans through the Halo franchise are shown.

  • Lieutenant Wilson: "Hi Recruits! It's good to have you here. This is the flight-line. I'm Lieutenant Wilson, your Flight Deck Instructor, and today it is my privilege to introduce you to the D77-Troop Carrier otherwise known as the Pelican. For those of you unfamiliar with these magnificent machines, here's a quick rundown... The Pelican is the most common tactical support aircraft currently in service. For the past few decades, the D77 has been the UNSC's workhorse in terrestrial deployment, transporting infantry and matériel for the entire UNSC. Whether you need reinforcements or just a good old-fashioned tank on the ground, the Pelican has your back. Which is why it is critical that you get to know these vessels up-close. That's what today's simulation is all about. When your team's launch time arrives, one of the deck crew will escort you on board. Listen to them and follow their instructions. For those of you with mobility constraints, please find one of our crew members prior to boarding. We can likely accommodate you. Today's flight simulation features a typical deployment scenario, one that repeatedly plays out across every theater of engagement. I'll let Gabriela deliver the specifics."
  • Gabriela: "Thank you, Lieutenant. Today, we will be simulating a routine personnel transfer from the orbiting UNSC carrier 'Fifth Winter' to ground-side rendezvous Station-Bravo-Lima. It might sound simple, but don't be surprised if a few things go wrong along the way. It will be up to you to ensure a safe and smooth transit."
  • Lieutenant Wilson: "Correct. A Pelican can only reach its full potential with an alert and attentive crew. Today, I hope that's you. Inside the simulator, after you've located your individual stations, you will perform designated tasks as the console prompts you. Follow any instructions you receive, including those given by your pilot, Captain B. Wallace. Furthermore, we ask that you please comply with UNSC safety regulations. While this is only a training simulator, we do our best to prepare our recruits for the real thing, which means your ride will almost certainly be a bumpy one. Please do not participate in this simulation if you are pregnant, have any head, neck, or back injuries or if you suffer from dizziness, if you experience seizures, or if you are claustrophobic. You should also be free of any cardiac issues, including high blood pressure. Finally, the Flight Surgeon recommends all personnel by at least 42 inches tall to participate in this exercise. Please see members of my flight crew if you have any questions. We're happy to help."
  • Gabriela: "I think that wraps up our pre-flight protocols, right Lieutenant?"
  • Lieutenant Wilson: "Just one more thing. Recruits, my crew and I spend hours keeping this Deployment Module in tip-top shape. This Pelican Trainer is a trusty and valuable asset so please respect the hardware. Make sure you leave the simulator in the same excellent condition you found it in. Gabriela?"
  • Gabriela: "Agreed. Let's return our Trainer back in one piece. Thank you, Lieutenant. Recruits, I'll be personally overseeing today's flight simulations, so I'll see you on board. Good luck!"

Production notes[edit]

The character named Captain B. Wallace was voiced by Joe Bianco.[2]


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