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Covenant Escape

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Covenant Escape

The Covenant Escape is an Experience at Halo: Outpost Discovery.[1]


Explore a reclaimed section of a Covenant ship in this escape-room-style experience. Here, attendees aim to familiarize themselves on various high-risk boarding maneuvers and strategies commonly undertaken by the UNSC. As the challenges intensify, guests must work together to disable the Covenant technology as quickly as possible in order to set themselves free![1]

Detailed overview[edit]

Instructor video[edit]

When attendees are waiting near the experience, a video plays going over the experience itself. Below is a transcript of the video.

The instructor video starts off by showing Major Narain introducing himself and giving a basic overview of the experience. Throughout the video the video several clips of the a Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette are shown.

  • Major Narain: "Recruits! Welcome. This is Major Narain. Glad you could be here. We've got one heck of an operation waiting for you inside. Your mission today will take place inside an actual Covenant ship. That's right! In just a few minutes, you will have the rare opportunity to interface with genuine Covenant environments and technology. But first, here's a bit of history to set the stage... In 2552, near the end of the war, a Covenant corvette crashed on the planet Tribute. The corvette, named 'Supplication of Purity', was found to be mostly intact a lucky break for us. As a result, several key ship compartments were salvaged by the 'lovely' operatives down at ONI. Now, this remarkable asset has been assigned to Outpost Discovery, where Recruits like you can learn more about this top-secret technology. Alien vessels like these played host to some of the UNSC's most perilous operations. The following brief exercise inside the ship will highlight the rigors and challenges of infiltrating a Covenant vessel. It will also serve to communicate the necessary tactics of a UNSC boarding action in a hostile enemy ship. Simply put, to understand the strategy, you need to understand the terrain and the mindset. Navigating a ship like this was no walk in the park. Once a boarding party was detected inside a Covenant vessel, the enemy crew would immediately engage in a sweeping lockdown protocol. And then, they would deploy seek-and-destroy units to neutralize the boarding action. But don't worry, our own asset has been carefully transformed into a controlled learning environment. Our analysts have combed this machine extensively and removed anything deemed to be 'dangerous.' So, you can rest assured, there'll be no searching or destroying today... hahahaha. RIght now, the corridor ahead is sealed off. When the lights turn green, your Training Instructor will open the doors for you and let you board the Covenant structure. From there, your guide though the ship's interior will be Outpost AI Gabriela, to whom now I'll turn things over."
  • Gabriela: "Thanks, Major. Recruits, I'll be walking you through the tactical stages of a hostile boarding protocol. Our exercise will begin in a standard maintenance corridor one of many woven through the interior of nearly all Covenant ships. You may note its compact dimensions this section of the ship was primarily meant for smaller Covenant species."
  • Major Narain: "Gabby brings up a good point. Per UNSC regulations, do not participate in this exercise if you suffer from any head, neck, or back injuries or if you suffer from dizziness, if you experience seizures, or if you suffer from cardiac issues, including high blood pressure. This also applies to anyone who may be claustrophobic or pregnant. It's worth mentioning... it can get a bit spooky in there. This is still a real piece of alien technology, after all, and this training exercise might not be suitable for everyone."
  • Gabriela: "Please see one of the training instructors if you have any questions but beyond that, I think we'll be ready to go in just a few minutes."
  • Major Narain: "Excellent! Well, that's all I got for you, Recruits. You may enter the ship when so instructed. Good luck and have a great day!"