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Digon was an ancient dialect of the Forerunner language.[1] By the final millennia of Forerunner civilization, this dialect was used almost exclusively by the Warrior-Servants and yet later only their highest class, the Prometheans,[1][2] in contrast to Jagon, which was mainly spoken by the Builders.

There were several forms of the dialect, including middle Digon and archaic Digon. The dialect reached its peak around 400,000 BCE, three hundred thousand years before the end of Forerunner rule in the galaxy.[3] However, not even the earliest forms of Digon were in use by 10,000,000 BCE when the Forerunners rebelled against the Precursors.[4]

During his first encounter with the Primordial, the being spoke to the Didact in an archaic form of Digon he could barely understand.[5] While the Didact was being escorted to his first Cryptum, Haruspis's associate spoke a ritual litany to him in middle Digon.[6] The phrase "You are what you dare" was also inscribed to the Cryptum in ancient Digon characters.[1]

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