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Dragoons were a form of Forerunner naval warships ranging from prime dreadnoughts to third-order fast cruisers. [1]


Serving in the vanguard of Forerunner fleets, dragoons were fast and heavily armed.[1] They were also accompanied by vast entourages of weapon-ships and combat sentinels.[2] Dragoons employed during the Forerunner-Flood war had their functional operation systems reduced in autonomy and ability as the logic plague corrupted every ancilla it touched. However, the small number of living crew aboard these dragoons made up for the loss of technical efficiency with cold dedication and desperate innovation.[1]

A notable class of dragoon was the Sojourner-class dreadnought,[1] also described as a prime dragoon for its use of cutting edge Forerunner technology and its particular effectiveness.[2] It was introduced shortly before containment efforts against the Flood began, and continued to fight in all major engagements of the Flood war. The Skirr-class battlecruiser was another classification of dragoon employed by the Forerunners during the High Ecumene era.[1]


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