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Deep Reverence was an ancient Forerunner Fortress-class vessel. It was commanded by the Forerunner Promethean known as the Confirmer.[1] Commissioned before the human-Forerunner wars, it was retired nearby the San'Shyuum homeworld Janjur Qom around 98,445 BCE, after the Prometheans were forced out of the Council.[2] The ship was also used as the final resting place for many of the Prometheans, whose Durances were stored in the ship.[3]

Over a thousand years later, the ship had fallen into disrepair, with most of its decks covered with ice and its power systems and hard light projectors failing.[4] During the thousand years of the ship's retirement, the Confirmer had modified the ship's internal structure extensively from its original design.[2] The Confirmer had decorated the ship's command center with various sculptures and draperies the San'Shyuum had brought him as gifts.[5]


The description of the Deep Reverence is strikingly similar to High Charity. It is possible the latter's design was influenced by the San'Shyuum's memories of the vessel, as it orbited their homeworld for many centuries.

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