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The Confirmer was a Forerunner Promethean who commanded the Fortress-class vessel Deep Reverence.[1] He was an old friend and mentor of the Didact.


The Confirmer provided the Didact's brevet mutation and later served alongside him during the human-Forerunner wars.[2] He was the commander of the warship Deep Reverence, and led legions of soldiers into battle. Following the removal of the Prometheans from the Ecumene Council around 98,445 BCE, he was placed in charge of maintaining the quarantine around the San'Shyuum homeworld Janjur Qom.[3] He spent the next 1,200 years serving aboard the Deep Reverence as it watched over the planet.[4] As time went on, his ship became regarded as a memorial, and as his colleagues died over the centuries their Durances were shipped to the Reverence.[5]

Over the centuries that followed, San'Shyuum delegates from Janjur Qom would regularly visit the Confirmer and his ship, offering gifts of fine artwork and tending the Durances in their displays. The Confirmer enjoyed their gifts and grew to think favorably of the San'Shyuum, in the process becoming inattentive and allowing the San'Shyuum to build up a cache of weaponry and ships in secret.[6] He even came as far as to allow them to come aboard the ship to repair it and travel between their two worlds.[5]

In the final years of the Forerunner-Flood war, the Didact returned to Janjur Qom following the clues left by his wife, the Librarian. He met with the Confirmer aboard the Reverence, who confirmed his wife had just been at the planet, collecting specimens to take to the Ark. Telling him about the massacres by a Halo at Charum and Faun Hakkor, the Didact requested to head to Janjur Qom's surface, which the Confirmer allowed provided he turn over his ship's weapons.[7] However, he secretly alerted Builder Security as the Didact and his crew left, allowing them to be captured by the Master Builder Faber.[8]

Description and personality[edit]

"Long duty has not been good to the Confirmer. No warrior should allow his weapons to rust."
— The Didact, upon visiting the Deep Reverence.[9]

The Confirmer, like all Prometheans, was once a great and respected warrior. However, after 1,200 years of solitary guard duty, his mental and physical abilities had deteriorated considerably. He was quite out-of-shape, and wore armor that appeared to have been compiled from several different sets. His figure was large and lumpish with mottled gray skin, spotted with unhealthy veins of paleness tinged with pink. He no longer had the patches of bluish-white bristling fuzz on the crown and shoulders that marked many of the Warrior-Servants and his stone-black teeth were fused together with growth.[10]

The Confirmer was energetic in personality, though that appeared to be thanks to being alone from over a millennium until the Didact returned. He had grown very careless in his old age, allowing his weapons and ship to fall into disrepair, and did not even check if the Didact still held his rank after his exile.[11] Bornstellar suspected he had spent his time building useless trinkets within the ship, diminishing its resources and design.[12]

The Confirmer was fond of San'Shyuum art, and he valued it especially because it was worthless to Forerunners.[13] He kept himself away from the business of Lifeworkers and Builders, since they were a higher rate than Prometheans.[2]


His translated title may have been derived from his notable act of providing the Didact's brevet mutation, a process which has a social function comparable to confirmation, a rite of initiation in several branches of Christianity.

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